Travelogue 3: North Devon

Just after saying goodbye to gorgeous and lush Wales, we headed toward the Severn bridge to visit friends in North Devon.
Unfortunately, unlike the quiet roads in both Spain and France, we were in for a bit of a shock with a horrendous traffic jam on the M4. Something we have noticed more and more in previous UK holidays is that every man and his dog has a car and the roads are so much busier.
Of course with the local councils favourite pastime of digging the dammed motorways up every bank holiday weekend, negotiating the highways becomes even more of a nightmare. This time sadly, some poor drivers had been involved in an accident, thus a complete standstill was the result.  With sweltering temperatures, our poor old car gave  up the ghost and refused to re start, causing even more chaos.
When we finally limped into Weston Super-Mare, the first thing we were offered by our lovely hosts was a glass of chilled Prosecco and a dip in the outdoor jacuzzi.
It would have been rude not to don’t you think? Actually We couldn’t have imagined a better treat…and how welcome it was, forget the cup of tea!
We had a few more dips and glasses of bubbly over the week, in between watching Wimbledon, noshing strawberries and cheering our team on in the world cup whilst we dared to hope…
Naturally  we had to visit the famous pier, and win a cuddly toy – its a tradition to spend 10 quid on these things despite the toy being available in Poundland for a pound!  You must also enjoy the therapeutic mud of Weston Super-Mare beach😂 not exactly golden sand! However they do have a brilliant little waterpark with fountains and pools, a zip wire and climbing frames, where the parents don’t have to pay extortionate entrance fees and the kids can have a great day out.
We also had a brief visit to Weymouth in Dorset, which does boast golden sands and the best fish and chip shop down south.
Monkey World Rescue in DevonWe squeezed in a visit to MONKEY WORLD RESCUE CENTRE too. There we met the very very very cute baby orangutangs in a specially designed nursery for the youngsters who had been rejected or abandoned by their mothers. The entire place was incredible, rehoming  many different types of primates and apes who have been rescued from a  cruel start in life, but who are all now flourishing in this semi wild environment, with every need catered for by dedicated staff.
I was thinking of booking a hair appointment with them myself as I have never seen such luxuriant hair on an orangutang!  This place is well worth a visit with the kids this summer if you are in the area.
Finally we packed up our car with camping equipment and with the appearance of a few sneaky purchases by me, ensued the predictable showdown over how much space was left in the car (I am sure all families go through this trauma as they prepare to travel ) but it doesnt make the first hour of travelling fun as we sat glowering silently😡.
Last stop London….


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