3 Things I’ll Do Before The Christmas Countdown … or is it too late?

3 things I am doing before the Christmas countdown starts…or is it too late?

Didn’t the Christmas countdown always start on the 1st of December in the good old days?
I remember when I was a kid, the excitement when the advent calendar went up on the kitchen wall, and getting up for school was no longer a problem as I would whistle down the stairs before my brother and sister to get first dibs on the chocolate.

Nowadays, with me living abroad, and a child of my own, the countdown seems to have shifted into November.  With presents for various family members ordered ( thank God for Amazon) Christmas and Boxing day goodies stashed in a cupboard out of sight  from daughters and Daddy’s eyes. So you  would think I had it well organised.

But with the first 3 weeks of December booked out with Christmas craft fayres and workshops with MyGeckoBox, I would like to have a few more things covered before sitting back and relaxing.

Number 1:  Get Crafty, feel like a smug mummy!  

How To Make an Advent CalendarBeing a crafter, I am permanently logged on to Pinterest for ideas and there is always an abundance of fabulous inspirational Christmas crafts to do, if only I had the time. But I have achieved one goal this year. Yes, I have made, with the help of my daughter and her best friend, our very own advent calendar… with pockets for proper chocolates. The cardboard versions you can buy in the supermarkets are always such a disappointment, when after hunting for the correct number, you find the chocolate is so thin its barely worth the effort of unwrapping.  So we got some felt and craft foam and got creative last weekend. That box is ticked and there is a smug smile on mummies face..😌.



Number 2:  Bake like Nigella  or try.

I love to bake.   At a recent meeting of costa women, we were all asked by the speaker to think of something we are passionate about and then tell a total stranger in


 the group all about this passion.  Mine is food. I love food, sweet,  savoury, spicy… there are not many hates on my list apart from brussel sprouts and liver and bacon🤑. Having been forced to eat these  every Christmas, or on Saturday nights as a kid, I vowed never to inflict the same misery on my own child! I do spend a lot of time creating healthy alternatives, but homemade cakes are my favourites . Watching Nigellas table on tv the other night, spurred me on to buy the ingredients for her Chocolate Christmas Cake recipe. We had it a few years ago and it was gorgeous. As I wanted  to keep everyone happy, I did a trio of different christmas cakes all iced like beautifully individual wrapped presents.  This year, with little or  no time for anything too impressive,  I am going to keep simple though. 

Number 3:  Get My Hair Sorted.

It is very easy as an active mum to let the image slide a little  (or a lot!). Thinking you really don’t have to look too glam when all you are doing is running a taxi service for the kids, and flopping in front of the Tv exhausted at the end of each day. Ah how life changes with parenthood!  We don’t have any invites to sophisticated parties thank goodness as that would send me into a tailspin of a different sort.  But as December is going to be a busy month, I need to spend less time in front of the mirror, and more time being  productive, whilst looking effortlessly chic… not much chance of that in reality but hey ho.. So appointment for a low maintenance hairstyle booked, its another tick in the box.


Christmas countdown… bring it on !


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