Travelogue Last Entry… 3000 km and still counting.

3000 kilometres and still counting

Wow, this heatwave is incredible, it’s almost home from home with temperatures matching Spain. I am sure everyone in the Uk is now sick of the heat, and talking about it so I wont go in except to say Wow! Having a fan in the bedroom is a must for me as night sweats are a way of life at my age😂. But in true Brit style, the shops had run out of electric fans! No shortage of snow shovels though and some shops even have christmas decs in!

Bearskin Soldiers London

London is a great place to be, although not during a heatwave. So we planned some different excursions this time. A trip to Windsor to see where the wedding of the year took place. The bunting was still up and Megan and Harry masks available in the tourist shops if thats your thing!


Apart from the touristy shops though , It’s a beautiful old town, full of history and one I would love to visit again during the term time, to see the Etonions strutting their stuff in cloaks and uniforms. The changing of the guard was spectacular, total respect forthose soldiers wearing bearskin hats in the heat.
Duck Tour London

We noticed a BUS-BOAT doing something called The Duck Tour..So making sure no-one we knew saw us getting on😜, we boarded a bright yellow bus which drives around the castle and other interesting points, before it launches itself into the river, where you float along looking at it from another perspective. Brilliant idea and the kids loved it, especially the guide, who had a quacking microphone!

Beach family funAnother hot sunny day was spent at the beach…Southend this time.. We walked right out to the end of a sandbreak, collecting shells and a mermaids necklace made of seaweed and spotted some pretty pink jelly fish which were causing great excitement with the kids.

We also visited a different river, one we used to go to as kids to catch stickle backs and other river creatures, except I wonder if we ever did catch anything successfully as this time, armed with 2 fishing nets and a jam jar, we tried very hard, but nothing. zilch! The fish were just too quick and canny. Maybe as kids it was enough just to paddle around with our nets and catch the odd tadpole, but in my memory we caught thousands!


Afterwards we had an old fashioned picnic and played bat and ball, it was a fab day and cost nothing!

So after 5 days of flopping around at my mums house between excursions the epic return journey is about to begin.

Coming over we broke up the journey with several stop overs camping in Spain and France. This time, we are going to do the next 3000 kilometes in one journey, sharing shifts of driving and sleeping.

A month away from home is a long time, and we can’t wait to take a dip in the pool, drink cold beer on the terrace and catch up with friends. My daughter, who has been an angel with all the travelling but without young company,  is desperate to see all her buddies and her cat.

So we return home tired, happy and ready to get back on with a holiday at home for the rest of the summer- with a bit of crafting indoors to avoid the heat of the day no doubt!  Can’t wait to try explore the MyGeckoBox Great Barrier Reef with Mia and her friends.

It’s been a fantastic holiday, challenging and character building at times, but we made it!

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