Dressing Up For Halloween

Halloween approaches again and as my daughter turned 10 this year it means I no longer get any say in what she wears for an outfit unless lack of decency is an issue.
Looking through old photos I found this little treasure.. which surely means that I really shouldn’t have any right to dress her up!
ladybird costume ladybug
What was I thinking I ask myself?
😂 in my defence I would say the decision was based on the fact that the outfit was cosy and warm and I didn’t want her getting a chill on the cold winter nights!
So I asked madam what she would like to dress up as this year, and she replied, “a witch. “
I asked…
“So what sort of witch , good, bad, ugly? “
She replies…
“Just a witch. But I don’t want to wear any make up, and I want to wear shorts and a T-shirt”

halloween friends


So that’s that sorted then.. a hat from the Chinese shop.. cheap outfit this year!


Every year at Halloween, we have gone trick or treating in our little village of Mijas. It’s almost as if I am bewitched by some mysterious power and I get a complete memory loss of how hideous I find it.
Halloween in Mijas
MyGeckoBox mum, Suzy
It always seems like a good idea before the event. But half way through, I start losing the will to live, and wonder why I have agreed to coming. Cue me to start countering “ Why I am here?” ….whilst Daddy is at home with his feet up in front of the TV … Grrr!
So this year, as it will be far too cold to go trick or treating in a t-shirt and shorts, 😜 I think we are going to stick to a pre arranged Halloween party, in a nice cosy bar near to where we live and Daddy can come too!
In the meantime, as I don’t have to work too hard on an outfit, I have been decorating the hall. So thus morning after I cleaned the house… I put up some cobwebs- go figure!!
We had a fun weekend making up our craft kits for the Mhalloween crafts for kidsyGeckoBox Halloween events. There were 2 awesome venues, the Mijas Art Centre and Yoyuba Adventure Park. These creative kids enjoyed sewing pumpkin bags which should hold plenty of those sweet treats to be collected on the big night. Plus they learned a new skill…sewing, it was a win win.
So all that remain for me to say is have a spooky luscious night on Wednesday and Happy Halloween !

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