5 minute Autumn Leaf Craft

Inspired by autumn and the gorgeous leaves?

autumn leaf mobile


Go on a scavenger hunt for acorns and leaves or if you don’t want to leave home use card or craft foam and a paper plate to create a swirl of autumn leaves with a cute owl in the nest .


4 simple steps

  1. Cut the center out of a paper plate then draw a spiral and cut along lines.
  2. Punch 12 holes on the edge of the plate, thread string through 4 holes to hang your mobile up and thread 8 more strings leaving them to hang down.
  3. Draw and cut out some coloured leaves or use real ones you found in the garden.  Punch holes in top of them, then attach to strings.
  4. We drew some cute acorns and an owl too and put him in the spiral nest which was secured from the centre.

autumn leaf mobile 

Super simple fun, we loved it and so did the cat!!


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