6 Must Haves For A Camping Trip

My Top 6 Must Haves for any successful Camping Trip.

Camping in the Spain

  • Door Mat, seriously, after the 10th time you have swept just inside your door flap, you will know why this reached the top 6!
  • Extra Long Extension Lead, with even longer multi point adapter…size does matter!  All camp site pitches have an electrical point on the pitch, and despite all good intentions of campfire songs and games, your kids will still be bleating on about wanting the tablet!

Besides which, you will want to charge up yours!

  • Electric Cool Box… warm beer and spoilt milk are not an option!
  • Washing up bowl. Even if you are not planning a culinary feast, you will still need to wash-up your cups and wine glasses 😉 and it makes for carrying all the stuff to the camp site sinks so much easier. There is always a bit of one up-manship going on at these communal points, and you want to have the biggest bowl!
  • Extra Large Grill Pan and cooking ring. It’s a ritual passage to have a good old fry up in the morning when we go camping.

To avoid eating your egg, bacon and sausages in 3 different stages, a large griddle is a must.

  • Ear Plugs. Tent walls don’t keep out the noise and it’s guaranteed, somewhere nearby, you will have a snorer, snorter or whistler! You don’t have to suffer…unless your tent buddy does something worse, in which case, nose plugs too!
Happy camping!

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