6 tips and some good old fashioned advice for a safe Halloween

Halloween Apple BoddingThe night when it seems the whole town has gone mad is approaching. Yes, its less than a week to halloween …are you ready?

Those adverts on the tv have been filling our screens and our kids heads full of ideas on how to not only look spooky, but how to scare the pants off of you and the family cat too!

Have you been hoping in vain that last years costume will still fit them, and that yours will too? And all the scratchy seams will have miraculously disappeared and better still, somehow will not make you sweat profusely in the cheap material.

why do we do it to ourselves?

Kid or peer pressure?

At any other time of the year, would we be encouraging our kids to put on highly flammable clothes whilst dancing around fire lit pumpkins, and gorging on sugar packed treats? Not to mention sending them knocking on doors basically begging from strangers!

Do I sound like I hate halloween?

Homemade Halloween Costumes

Truly, I love it. But I love a safe halloween, a creative halloween, and a fun night for everyone.

So here is what I have planned for a safe and stress free hallowen (80% is still in my head as I am not that organised)

Outfit made from non flammable materials in the old fashioned way… with heavy reliance on face painting for the gruesome effect. The costume doesn’t have to be the best in town, kids usually rip half of it off by the end of the night anyway. Its all about the fun of participation.

Pumpkin purchased in advance and carving or decorating not too ambitious… don’t wait until the last day. You know the only ones left in the shop on the 30th are mouldy or battered ones. We are going to try the melted wax crayons this time.

There are So many brilliant ideas on pinterest, its hard to choose. We have put a few of our favourite ideas on our pinterest pages..take a look. But knowing from experience what my child will have the patience and ability for, and avoiding those tears and disappointment when after hours of carving, the cats face caves in to a soggy orange pulp …i am going to save the masterpieces for when she’s older.

Simple Pumpkin Carving

Trick or treat bag not too big… as we don’t want it to look pitifully empty if my daughter doesn’t collect too many goodies. We live in a small village where there are thousands of kids knocking on the doors, so sweets can get a bit scarce. But it will be a fun bag..one she has made herself.

Plans for after the witching hour… I will be heading for An alternative venue with a halloween theme after the trick or treating as I will be ready for a glass of the red stuff after all that, and you need a reason to pull the kids back from terrorising the local neighbourhood. Hopefully we will have all sorts of fun events going on in our village square and the adults will be catered for too .

Pledge or agree with kids that they will pool all their sweets and treats at the end of the night… and they will save some for tomorrow . A prize for teamwork as an incentive and if that fails, with all the fun and games planned, hopefully they won’t have time to eat them all at once!

Most importantly! look on the internet at pictures of drugs masquerading as sweets… Show the kids the pictures and tell them they have to bring all the sweets to you first before they eat them. Warn them of the dangers, not only from sweets, but stranger danger. A timely reminder may just save their lives.Drugs or Sweets?
There are many techniques on this, and most of us parents have had the conversation with what to do if …. but on a night when all normal rules seem to have gone out the window, its important that they know this rule NEVER changes.

Have a fun safe and Safe Halloween!

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