A Change In The Air

This week heralds a change in the air in so many ways.
Not only do our kids return to school after the very very long summer holiday in spain, the weather has miraculously changed overnight from brutally hot to almost autumnal.
Our entire family dashed out into the garden to run around in the rain (yes its that unusual that we became very excited and threw off our flip flops in a moment of madness!) and we had a magnificent storm raging above our heads, the thunder was deafening.
Now the air feels cleaner and fresher, I love it.

Autumn TV line up

So Autumn is on its way, along with nights drawing in and of course, a favourite tradition in our house, a bottle of the red stuff whilst watching Strictly.
We were there in position on the settee, glasses raised to the newbies and rolling our eyes as they introduced a host of (almost) celebs to their partners. The usual format with Claudia horsing around whilst Tess shows of another wardrobe of stunning clothes and me muttering under my breath that it’s not fair that I stopped growing at 5’1 and the gene pool was not kind to me! Hey ho, that’s life!
With the change in the air, I have plans to finish off some projects that have languished in my garage for far too long.
Ignoring the running machine and crossing fit trainer that will be useful for draping the damp washing on😂 I have my eye on 2 preloved fireside chairs that I rescued and intend to shabby chic and reupholster . I love bringing old furniture back to life, and mixing old and new styles in my overly furnished home.
Another project is one I’ve just seen on Facebook – Manilva crafts. Check out this cute kids kitchen https://www.facebook.com/diycozyhome/photos/a.575684722458007/2491775360848924/?type=3

giving furniture a new lease of life


Mums who are crafty gurus won’t be able to resist this for sure 😜.
Shame that my daughter has passed the age of playing with this and sadly she is attached to her computer more than ever.
But whilst I am embracing the fact that technology is her future, I still want her to get excited about a set of old drawers! Am I asking too much?


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