A Spooktacular Time Of Year

It is the 2nd week of October that particularly appeals to me, as the chestnut sellers start making an appearance on the street corners, and you see the haze of smoke hanging about in the air.

That smokey haze reminds me of bygone days when the bonfire night was the big celebration.  We would spend weeks collecting firewood and piling it up at the end of the garden, and begin constructing an ever more hilarious Guy Fawkes with some of my Dads old clothes and newspapers.  We even managed a Mrs Fawkes one year…what she ever did wrong I have no idea!  But they say behind every great man, there is an even better woman…so she must have been guilty too!!

Bonfire Night in Autumn
Of course, our fireworks nights  then were a little more basic, but the most fun of all would be to write your name in the night sky with a sparkler.. do children still do this nowadays?  We stick them in cakes and ice cream sundaes, but fireworks night is now restricted to big park displays and that family fun night seems to have has lost its sparkle (or sparkler) now.

◦ Instead, we celebrate with huge gusto Halloween.  Kids run amok here in our little village, where everyone knows each other, dressed up and faces painted, fuelled on a sugar high from those never ending sweets and trick or treating (we always end up throwing half out when a certain child is not looking).

Halloween Party for kidsI thought that this custom originated from the Americans, who do these celebrations so well.  But apparently not. Claire from the myGeckoBox team has been investigating….

Halloween dates back 2000 years to when the Celtic people of Europe celebrated Samhain (pronounced Sah-win) . Translated it means ‘end of the summer’, it was the final harvest and the new year festival.

The Celts were deeply superstitious and believed in fairies and evil spirits. They thought that the night before each new year, a door opened between this world and another world and that October 31 was the most dangerous night in the year as the spirits of the dead awoke and looked to possess living bodies.

Hence the custom of dressing up in scary costumes to frighten them away.  The sweets and treats came at a much later date.

So now you know!  We have included some great fun facts for kid in our Halloween activity kits for your children to learn too check out some of our halloween crafts here.


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