Au revoir France! Hello Wales, Family Travelogue Part 2 …

Au revoir France , and hello cefn gwlad hyfryd Cymreig, which translated means ‘hello beautiful Wales’

I thought the French countryside in the Dordoign would be hard to beat, but my goodness, the next part of our marathon trip had me oohing  and aahing throughout our journey. 

Wales…It’s beautiful. Obviously the copious amounts of rain that falls in an average winter here does have some advantages, and where the rest of the uk looked like a desert in places due to the heatwave, the fields and paddocks in this part of the world were still lush and green. 

My other half was very excited about the local pubs, and some proper beer! He had quickly moved on from our french ice cube saga and happily contented himself with the delights of dubious named ales such as fursty fox and ferret!

I was more excited about the fantastic Supermarkets and garden centers. Tiger bread and freshly made jam doughnuts – both send me into a frenzy of eating way too many carbs, but Oh so worth it! 

I am a keen gardener, and as garden centers are so different here, they are a sure way of me spending vast amounts  of money.  My grumpy hubby follows me around saying – “we cant fit that in the car, we will never get it back to Spain” No fun!  

He obviously has forgotten when in the earlier days of our romance, he was very happy to squeeze into my little sports car an English apple tree which we brought back to Spain! Hysterically, when we had a tyre blow out on the motorway, we had to empty the entire cars contents onto the hard shoulder to get to the spare wheel… much to the astonishment of a local Guardia Civil officer when we produced a tree out of the tiny car boot! Mad dogs and Englishman!

My daughter throughout our long journey has been keeping note of our adventures on the tablet, and has promised to re write them in Spanish as an exercise for School. As geography and language skills will be used, we cannot complain. Its hard to keep going with the traditional car games over thousands of miles driving. So we have relied heavily on the iPad this time, but without internet en route,  sometimes the great educational aps didn’t work, and music was her backup. It was good to arrive at our friends house and chat without a set of headphones blocking us out. 

After a lovely and very welcome hot shower and reorganisation of our clothes and camping gear, we settled down to a brilliant chilled weekend with good friends, barbecues and long summer nights, before getting back into the car and heading off to enjoy the delights of Weston super-mare .The next stage of our long summer break.

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