Back at you Blue Monday!

So I have survived the first half of January and more importantly BLUE MONDAY!

At this point hopefully we have all cleared away the festive decorations, eaten all the naughty left overs and faced up to our fears and the new years resolutions which were so bravely made on the first of January.

This week started with the day that has been called Blue Monday, as apparently it is when we have reached our lowest ebb, because of the weather, long dark nights and short bleak days.

We are as far from mid summer as we can be, which for us warmth seekers, winter couch potatoes and sun lovers is not a good place to be. We are waiting for the new leaves we have turned over to start looking like they are paying off and we are hoping that some of our loved ones will manage to stick to their well intended promises as it probably affects us!

On top of all that doom and gloom, having overspent on Christmas and the sales, our credit cards have probably gone on strike and wont work until at least the middle of next month. Retail therapy will not help get us out of this mood.

But somehow, most of us are managing to get our kids up for school, despite the flu epidemic and we are dragging ourselves back into a normal routine.

The gym and dance clubs are not just for the kids. I see various mums back in lycra, beating down the door to our local fit centre, straight after school drop off and after a booster coffee.

The TV is showing exciting programes like how to eat well on a budget, best diets, eat healthily and be ready for that big event in the spring. I am avidly watching all of them. As for Nigella, she is banished from our house for at least 6 months.

Now I am going to let you into a secret … after the new years eve festivities with video footage that could bring down the entire MyGeckoBox team if we were ever to become big time celebs, I realised there were 3 things i just had to do in 2018:



  1. 1- Stop drinking too much wine ( no I didn’t say no drinking at all as we have to have some vices, just not so many as I have!)
  2. Get some singing lessons ( I admit Freddie Mercury was a hard act to follow but seriously… we slaughtered Boheimian Rhapsody…and I would like to remind you, I was not alone in this. you know who you are girls, but for a small fee i will remain silent😆
  3. Reduce the size of my boobs and everything else with it!

So I have signed up for pilates and wait for it…. Belly Dancing!

You will not be seeing any photos, as it is not a pretty sight. But what a laugh. I come out of the class on my knees, but smiling.  With any luck, I will end up with a waistline….it’s been a long time hidden.  Read more about how to Belly Dance Your Way To A More Positive Body Image.

So Blue Monday, I don’t care if you are black, blue or pink… I am determined 2018 will be an even better year, Back at you!

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