Biodegradable Wedding Dresses

Craft-Foam-Photo-Booth-AccessoriesBiodegradable Wedding Dresses

Do you ever feel as a mum that your life swings from the sublime to the ridiculous?

My primary role, as mum of an 8 year old daughter, has me acting as taxi driver to being a personal dresser and a not really appreciated but wholly necessary fashion advisor, yes we are already having those”you can’t wear that” conversations! Basically being there when I am needed, with lots of Cinderella like duties in between!

Then I have my alta ego trying to prove to myself that “I’ve still got it” , when I truly would love to collapse in front of TV with #DavidWalliams & BGT and a glass of wine!

This weekend has been a prime example…

Friday afternoon was a crazy marathon of finishing off a decorating job in an apartment conveniently situated in the centre of town, whilst being disturbingly close to some of the seedier shops and bars of the “night trade “. Going there I was all dark glasses and no eye contact! It should have been extremely handy for purchasing various “hen party favours” ready for my girls spa day on Saturday, If only I had the nerve!… So Friday night was spent with a glass of wine and some sparkly pink craft foam, making said hen party favours, whilst researching incriminating photos of the bride to be on facebook!

Spa days should be compulsory for busy mums, and in my opinion are an absolute Godsend for when we reach that burnt out, slightly manic stage that usually precedes the end of term exams and the summer holidays!Hydro-Spa Benalmadena

So there we were, having had a wonderfully relaxing morning at the Hydro Spa Benalmadena in the jacuzzi talking about things our sons and daughters would kill us for if they knew …you can picture this right?!

We followed that with a gorgeous lunch in the spa restaurant, and then retired to the poolside, where they provide fab cocktails. After several of those we were ready to play hen games… A mr and mrs quiz for the bride, hens challenges and bizarrely, attempting to put on a pair of tights, one handed whilst wearing an oven mitt…highly entertaining!

Now never being ones to shy away from the limelight, myself and fellow #MyGeckobox mum Suzy, were quite happy to be the models for the toilet paper challenge…designing a Biodegradable wedding dress! It really could be a future dragons den item!Biodegradable wedding dresses

Certainly the party favours for MyGeckoBox could take on a different image with the hen party influence!

The afternoon whizzed by, and sadly we were all required back home at some point! Cinderella’s night at the ball always comes to an abrupt ending.

So on Sunday afternoon, in complete contrast, I was back to revising multiplication tables with a very grumpy daughter, who had a whole day of wild abandon in daddy day care with the other MyGeckobox kids. Swimming and collecting more tadpoles, she was very tired! Hopefully the tadpoles will going into school this time as we lost the last catch. This time I have googled tadpole care and they seem to survive on algae or fish food.. We will see…

So that’s my weekend, full of contrast, laughter and building memories…

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