Bleh! I hate early mornings

I think that whoever decided Halloween should be a fun festival for kids is definitely not my favourite person.

Why?  Because our school thought it was a great idea for the children to go into class in full Halloween costume.
This meant at 7 o’clock Friday morning I had a very excited daughter shaking me awake, begging me to backcomb her horribly knotted bed head hair, and to paint her face with intricate cobweb designs.

Halloween Scary FairyNot only that, I had to make her look beautiful, in a ghoulish sort of way. This then meant that by 7.30 we were already falling out as she didn’t like her lips outlined in black with red glittery lipstick, which I happened to think looked really cool!
Of course, once I had packed her on her way, watching her skipping out happily, I then thought to myself how sweet it is that she should be so ridiculously happy over just getting dressed up.

Then I fast forwarded in my mind another 10 years when I am sure things will be completely different… if she is even here at home.  University or college beckons alarmingly quickly.
So no, I wouldn’t change this morning or any other morning too quickly, and I will hang on to these little moments in time for as long as I can.  But, I still hate early mornings!

It is a biological thing apparently; all depending on what time of day or night you were born. I have never been a morning person, and have managed to spend most of my life avoiding them wherever possible.

I actually followed a career path which was dictated by whether the job had flexi-time built into the contract!  I would always be the last one in the office, and last one out. That is why I ended up living in Spain, where everything runs late!

Mygeckobox childrens halloween craft
We are having a super exciting long weekend, it started with a pumpkin carving workshop laid on by our parent & teacher association (AMPA) in Mijas and for the little ones who wouldn’t be able to do this MyGeckoBox provided a simple pumpkin bag to create and sew.
Then we have the annual dance show put on by The International Theatre School. This is such a professional event, and I am very proud of my daughter for being involved in it.  She has 2 dances and a gorgeous costume.

How Nicola, the owner of this school, has managed to choreograph 46 kids ranging from 3 years up to do one dance is beyond me!  Well done Nicola.
Halloween night on Monday wouldn’t be the same without a party. Again laid on by our local AMPA group AMPA MonteMijas. This is one of the first events the MyGeckoBox team were involved in locally within the community, and now we are famous for what we are able to achieve with a few rolls of black bin liners and tablecloths.  You can check out our pinterest page on MyGeckobox as there are some great ideas on that for Christmas too.

Have a great Halloween weekend from MyGeckoBox team.

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