Bouquet of Flowers – Easy Crafts For Kids

Who says that Valentines Day is just for lovers?

We think it can be for anyone who wants to say they love you.

The kids will love doing this craft, and even better, it won’t drain their pocket money or savings tin!


A Bouquet of Paper Flowers

  1. Using an A4 piece of paper or card, you or they draw some flowers along the top edge, making the last one on the top right big and bold!  The bigger the better.
  2. Then get the crayons out and start colouring…
  3. Once this is done you need to cut around the flowers and along one side, like the photo above.  Note, little ones will need help from someone who is nifty with a pair of scissors.
  4. Now, starting with the flat and uncut side, roll the paper into a cone, overlapping the flowers slightly, then fix with some selltape or a sticky pad.Paper Flower Bouquet Gift
  5. Finish off with a bow or curling ribbon and then fill it with your favourite sweet treats.Paper Flower Craft for kids
  6. I put some marshmallows on sticks and filled the cone with delicious looking ‘buds’.  Whatever rocks your boat.. it works, even  with mini cheeses!easy craft for valentines

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  1. What a lovely idea, I showed my daughter these pictures and she can’t wait to make this for her nanny 🙂 This weekends project!

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