Building Memories

We had a fabulous long hot summer. We stayed at home and barbecued, swum in the sea, built sand castles on the beach and had loads of fun. But I think the most popular day has to be when we got away from the coast and headed inland.

We took our kids to a gorgeous natural park area, called Benahavís, near where the rock pools are still filled with cool refreshing water, deep enough to dive into from one of the many rocky ledges.  It was a brilliant day out, and i know that the kids will remember it forever.  Look at this video and check out how much fun they had.
I loved the laid back vibe of the summer holidays but I’m enjoying the return to my morning routine of getting surly pre-teen off to school and to indulge in an hour of total selfish mum time, with a cup of coffee and breakfast on my tranquil terrace…alone!
I’m shaking off the brain fog, that for me comes with  a lack of energy and motivation.  I am so chilled out, I am  practically horizontal. I want to start getting creative and christmassy, after all it is only 90 days to go!
I wonder how many parents are thinking like me, who are wishing time could stand still, but on the other hand are loving getting the back to school routine in place.  Books, backpacks and new lunchboxes, on top of school uniforms. Do they still fit, probably not. My daughter has grown at least 2 inches  over the summer holiday and after wearing flip flops for almost 4 months, her feet have spread so wide it looks like a penguin has walked though the house when she comes out of the pool and leaves wet footprints on the floor. She wont be able to fit in anything apart from an old worn out and stretched pair of trainers.
Do the kids remember the times tables they’ve learned?  In our case, absolutely not, long division? not a chance!
Time to start getting those learning aps back on the favourites screen.  Sorry team 10ticks, yes, I have been ignoring your emails all summer long, but we will be back…soon.
Any mums who have little ones starting in infants?
They will thrive, once they have accepted the change, and so will you. It’s a big step, first time separation, but kids love to play and have their horizons broadened.  New friends are there waiting to meet your little one. This weeks Pop Sugar newsletter has a piece written by a nursery school teacher who has some interesting points to read. Click on this link for a good read.
So with my feet in 2 camps.. happy/sad, I am now making the most of the child free mornings and getting my creative MyGeckoBox head back on.
Painting a Pig
Today is paint a pig day. Not a real one, but a massive pottery piggy bank. This is supposed to be getting filled up with coins earned from doing chores.  Sadly that list seems to have been misplaced.

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