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Halloween Guy Fawkes night Next!

What a great weekend we had, and for the first time my daughter went trick or treating. The kids haunted the village with our glowing ghosts and spider webs, and collected lots of sweets in the pumpkin craft bags.

halloween sewing craft for kidsSo the week kicked off with a party and now we are ending it with another party!
No, I am not some jet set socialite, I am just a mum and all of you fellow mums and Dads will know what it is like having a child with a busy social life.. tiring and costly are 2 things that spring to mind.  But sometimes, if we are canny enough, we can wangle it that our social lives are enhanced by our kids.


So, having had years of only wanting to holiday in luxury accommodation (this didn’t happen very often, but I could dream) I finally relented to the pleas from my family and friends to go camping.   If only someone had told me how much fun it was (they did, but I didn’t listen).
I have had thCamping in the Spaine best of laughs on our various camping trips, and although I think we are glamping rather than camping, we
still go back to basics. The tent wouldn’t take a double bed but it does have a rather nifty lounge area and 2 bedrooms.

The outside kitchen and eating area we usually share with our other friends. It may not be like cooking at home but my goodness we have managed to create some feasts. Of course, all washed down with copious amounts of wine and beer.

The camaraderie is brilliant, the dozen kids all get together and run around like wild children, it’s FUN.

But this time of year can be risky weather, and we are fair weather campers. So this weekend we have booked an enormous country house in Antequera and we are heading for the hills.

Emails have been flying back and forward on who is taking what food, and I have taken it upon myself to be director of building a Guy Fawkes.  Living here in Spain, our kids have never experienced the traditional celebrations on the 5th November that I remember from my childhood… red nose and rosy cheeked from the cold night and the warmth of the bonfire. Burnt sausage in one hand and a toffee apple in the other. Ahh great memories.

5th of November
So I am stealing some old work clothes from hubby’s wardrobe, and collecting newspapers ready for the Guy. We will have sparklers, but as rain is forecast, the firework display may have to be cancelled. Guy Fawkes could just end up being wheeled around in a wheel barrow and then thrown on the Bbq. Not quite the roaring bonfire I had in mind, but I like to think that the kids will end up with a little lesson in history and have learned whilst having fun too.



Then we will have our usual creation station with us mums helping out the kids do the odd craft… MyGeckoBox always comes to the rescue with a craft or 2, and I am sure apple bobbing and various other party games will follow. Whilst the dads tend the bbq and taste the wine!

The rain may pour, but I know we will have fun.  A little preparation and a good bunch of friends, and not a TV in sight. We can’t wait.

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