Chocolate Theft on a Grand Scale

It’s 3 days since the big chocolate egg fest and I wonder how many of you have been stealing mini eggs from your kids baskets on the pretext of it being better for their health to have less chocolate 😜.
Oh yes I put my hand up to that – in fact it’s not even been a bit of minor theft.. every time I’ve passed the stash ( yes i can deliberately go out and of my way to get there) I have grabbed one.
It’s been theft on a grand scale… guilty as charged Your Honour!

I tried my very best to make Sunday a day of fun and distract my 10 year old from eating all her eggs in one day.
First of all, she had to find them, following the clues I had written, which had her running all around the house and garden.
The final prize was the chocolate chicken… which was in the oven of course!
We went out to a brilliant-indoor play park where they had games, a disco and the Easter bunny even visited, then we made some Easter baskets – courtesy of MyGeckoBox of course and came home for a lovely roast dinner.
So there really wasn’t much time for her to eat those chocolate eggs, and now I am trying a damage limitation exercise, by stealthily reducing the the pile…which unfortunately isn’t helping my own waistline, but us mums will do anything to protect our kids health …truly!
Hopefully you all had a lovely Easter weekend, and enjoy the rest of the Easter holidays.
With the relentless rain, it could be a great time to get crafting, or even creative in the kitchen with the kids… so if you need some ideas don’t forget to sign up to our latest newsletter for some cool crafts and recipes at the bottom of our webpage here.

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