Christmas Countdown

With the Christmas countdown clock ticking way  too fast, I have realised that we only have 5 more weeks !

With all the activities going on in the last few weeks, it seems to have sped up the process and now i can feel the bubble of panic starting way down in my stomach.

This year, not only do I need to organise the presents for my own dear family and friends , but also the Christmas themed boxes we have created at MyGeckoBox have to be produced and posted too!Make your own Christmas Cards

The team have been working incredibly hard, and  the relaxed morning meetings we were having with coffee and  hot crumpets a few months ago have turned into a whirlwind of activity and agendas, with not even a bar of chocolate in sight! We have so many lists , I am sure even Santa Claus would struggle to read them all. We could do with some help from his lovely elves!

We also have various Christmas fayres coming up , our first one being this weekend. So a stock check has been carried out, and it was a nice surprise to see how many boxes we have sold so far, considering that we only launched in July.

We had great plans to make an impact and appear cool and professional at our first public event. This may not happen. After several hours of trying to assemble a magnetic exhibition stand it felt like we were appearing in a sketch from “it will be alright on the night’. This stand is approx 7 feet high and every time we turned our back on it  to pick up another piece, one of the panels would fall down on top of us.

Feria de Navidad Christmas Fair CudecaSo if you live in the Marbella, Fuengirola and Mijas area of Spain, come along to the Cudeca Christmas fair in Los Boliches on Sunday the 21st of November.  Hopefully we will raise some money for the hospice in Benalmadena, and spread the word about our beautiful craft boxes. We will be raffling off our Christmas Creations box which is full of beautiful kids crafts to have fun making, and all of the proceeds will go to Cudeca.

Of course, as we are all mums , we need to take time out to spend with our families, and what better way then to have a weekend away.

Last Saturday was the 5th of November and we celebrated Guy Fawkes night with a crowd of friends in a beautiful Country house near Antequera. Make your own Guy Fawkes

There were peacocks strutting around the grounds and some gorgeous horses to ride. The kids had an absolute ball, and built a very odd
shaped Guy Fawkes, who was then turned into a pirate by the addition of a jaunty scarf on his head and as all the kids wanted to draw an eye or the nose, he ended up looking like this…

Of course we all got involved with the preparations, but I think the dads had the most fun, building a bonfire on which to put the guy Fawkes. the firework display, and the man sized bbq. We were left toasting marshmallows which were yummy.

toasting marshmallows

It was a much needed diversion from the political shenanigans going on in America, although there was much debating on the subject of Trump versus Clinton and of course Brexit!

Bonfire Night in SpainAll in all it was a fantastic weekend full of singing dancing and debating and following some very old traditions…that seemed somewhat barbaric as the Guy Fawkes was engulfed in flames and his silouette stood out against the night sky.

Good old fashioned fun.


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