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Our monthly subscribers will all now have received the brilliant

Native American themed box.

Each month our themes change and we think they just keep getting better. We organised a photo shoot to capture our little Indians in action.Native American Crafts for kids

They had huge fun making the crafts first, and then got the chance to wear the head dress, plus a few

props we had on hand to capture the essence of the role play.

Native American Crafts for KidsWe are not sure who was shooting who at one point… but our cameraman was in danger of getting an arrow straight between the eyes

After all the running around whooping and climbing trees, they then had to have a little nap under the beautiful hand woven dream catcher, the making of which brought their dexterity skills into play.Make a Dream Catcher for Kids

Did you know why they Native American Indians hung the dream catchers above their beds? It was to chase away the bad dreams and spirits.

How about this question: Why were Native Americans are called Indians?

Our brilliant fact sheet has the answers to all this questions and a lot more to keep our inquisitive kids busy!

So if you would like to teach your kids some of these fun skills and discover more cool info…You best get subscribing!

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