Do your New year resolutions match the top 10?

Do your New year resolutions match the top 10 pledges made by Parents?

Take a look…
  1. Stop shouting , start reasoning ( including spouses, even in the face of completely  unreasonable  behaviour)
  2. Stick to the PLAN, no matter what dramas are thrown.
  3. Cook one meal.. preferably healthier options as we can all eat Pizza.. just not every night!
  4. More exercise ( both parents and kids)
  5. Less tech time, more play time with the whole family…despite having bought each and everyone of them something electronic for Christmas !
  6. Dinner time conversations .. not dinner time nagging a captive audience
  7. More me time ( without the toddler who insists that they share the bathroom with you whatever  the occasion!)
  8. Take pride in our appearance at least once a day ( have you tried Taking a look in the mirror before you go out ….shamefull😂😂😂)
  9. Drink more water and less wine & beer
  10. Eat LESS cheese or chocolate ( yes we NEED the occasional comfort food, but not ALL the time)
So, how did you do?

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