Happy New Year

Do you love Christmas or are your friends calling you The Grinch behind your back! Are you glad the festive celebrations are finally over or still hanging onto that magic for a few more days?

I am ready to start the new year with a positive approach and some realistic expectations and intentions,  how about you?

My mum has been a source of inspiration to me throughout my life (apart from when I was a teenager and I knew better than everyone!)  But she never ceases to amazes me when as a pensioner she still manages to get on a plane by herself to visit me in Spain.

This Christmas was a special one as for the first time in a few years she came here. It was over too quickly, and although we still have a big celebration for 3 kings (12th night) , I was ready to start getting my house decluttered and cleaned ready for 2018.

Today when I began to strip the christmas decorations down , I started to read some of the christmas cards that were sent to me. A friend who I haven’t seen in too long sending her love and best wishes, a handmade card from my sister, and some lovely words from my mum . All too precious to throw away. But What to do with them?

I was asked by a friend why I gave her a card when I could say happy Christmas to her, but I think sometimes we can express our words of love in a card easier than face to face.

Chatting to my mum afterwards, she told me that a relative had phoned her that day to enquire how she was, as she was worried about her. She hadn’t received her usual Christmas card. My mum, being 88 , has decided not to beat around the bush nowadays, so she told her why she hadnt sent a card this year.. apparently the relative hadn’t wanted to talk the last time Mum had called as she was watching a programe on TV, so understandably she took offence!  Anyway , the bottom line is that it took many months and a missed Christmas card to put them back in touch.

So this is why this oldest of customs must not be replaced with a few words on the phone or a text if we remember.

Truth is, we can say we love or miss someone anytime and should, but life moves so fast, sometimes we don’t get or we miss that opportunity.

Now 2018 has begun, I am sure that we are all hoping to be healthier, happier and numerous other things. But the priority for me is my friends and family …keeping in touch , building bridges and remembering who is important in my life, thats my goal for 2018

Happy New Year!

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