High Flyers to Flying Fish!

10 years ago, life was very different.

Pre child years seem a dim and distant memory.

Working most nights in a busy restaurant jammed with midlife crisis golfers on holiday, my evenings were filled dealing with ageing adolescents, often behaving as badly as my pre-teen daughter now.

It is hard to believe she hits 9 years old in a few days time, 10 years since I gave up my life as I knew it, but I am definitely not complaining.

Little did I realise what having children can do to bring out the creative side. We may have had high flying careers once upon a time, but that doesn’t help when you are trying to entertain kids whilst attempting to stay indoors and not spend small fortunes on excursions.  We often need to get creative.

Which brings me to Carnival time.

Carnival Ideas for KidsSeveral sheets of glittery craft foam, fabric dye for some old curtains, and some willing friends to volunteer their  children and we had an ocean filled with exotic fishes and sharks with a few mummy jelly fish & scuba divers thrown in.

So simple, and yet so effective, MyGeckoBox mums manage to pull it off again for the 4th year and this time we wowed the judges and came in with 2nd prize in the kids category for the Mijas Pueblo Carnival.




scuba diver carnival costume
What a brilliant experience and opportunity for us all to participate in, and to be honest with you, my previous and more glamorous life doesn’t even come close!



Carnival IdeasSo, if you get a chance to become involved in any local fairs , carnivals or fiestas and would like some ideas on how to get creative, click here to check out our Pinterest page…fish heads to Minions, we have had fun making them and even better, participating.

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