Holiday survival kits

MyGeckoBox LaunchesAhem! The gecko box team would like to make an announcement….

Drum roll… Fireworks and marching bands!

“We are finally ready for our web site to go live!”

After almost a year of planning, and lots of tense moments between Mr I.T himself and MyGeckoBox we have finally signed it off, and it looks gorgeous!

Unbelievably, we have created an all singing and dancing site, with lots of buttons and it all works! You just need to click on our link to the shop and away you go…. our shop is open, hurrah!MyGeckoBox Holiday survival kits
Our holiday survival kits are in stock…. Mermaids, pirates and sharks and dragonflies plus our beautifully designed discovery boxes, these will all be invaluable when the august afternoon sun is too much and you are all kicking your heels indoors till it cools down enough to venture out. Then let’s not forget the surprise element of our subscription box…

Can you guess what its theme is?

I can’t spill the beans as it’s a secret, but a little clue could be in these photos ….

Survive-the-Holiday-with-MyGeckoBoxWe will be sending them out on the last Monday of august so get your first subscription box ordered if you want to know ….

Obviously we are expecting some teething troubles, it wouldn’t be real life without that, but we are relying on you all to let us know if things don’t seem right.

This week has been a funny one, a strange calm descended on our shoulders after the manic weeks of production. We even took time out to go to the beach on Wednesday. Where we met sharks on the beach and body boarding dolphins/penguins!

Of course it rained, but that didn’t dampen our spirits. In fact, as we lay under the umbrellas on the sun beds, huddled under towels watching a minute patch of blue sky on the horizon, it seemed like an almost Karma moment…a parallel with how our lives have been recently. Of course the blue patch got bigger, the sun got warmer and it was a beautiful day.. Just like today….

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