Hopping Mad!

Hopping Mad!

San Sebastian School MijasSomebody asked me the other day what I blogged about, and my response was, “nonsense”! I am totally new to this blogging lark, and I have been writing a sort of family diary through the eyes of a mum. I write light-hearted pieces about my life here in Spain, about my new business venture with #MYGECKOBOX.

But today, I am hopping mad, and I am not writing nonsense, I am writing about something far more serious…

Unbelievably, over the last weekend, some absolute parasites robbed our school, and took all of the computer systems, white boards and tablets. Basically, all the tools needed to teach the kids informatica. These classes are now cancelled.

Now we are talking small village school here, one that has many children from the barrio, who don’t have more iPads and laptops than cars at home, if they are lucky, there will be one computer … These informatica classes are the future, in many respects, for our kids. They need this start.

These Parasites have just taken them… To sell for a fraction of the value.

Over the last few years the AMPA worked so hard to raise funds for these much needed items, and they have gone , along with the money the students themselves raised in order to go on a school trip…  Hard earned money, GONE!

So, that is why I am hopping mad.

I can only put it out there to anyone in Malaga or surrounding provinces, who   may hear something of this crime, of any clue as to the perpetrators, report it. Don’t allow them to get away with it. The lives of these common thieves may be based on ignorance, as they themselves didnt receive a decent education or upbringing. If we could turn the clock back and change their start in life, maybe they wouldn’t be what they are now. But unfortunately, we can’t. But what we can do is make sure the kids of this school have a better start.

So share this blog on twitter, Facebook spread the word by social media. These people need to be stopped, before they rob another school. This was not a random opportunistic burglary. It was pre planned, based on information gathered by knowledge of the school. They will have to sell these items and probably quickly. Then they will do it again.

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