I want a lie in! but what about this ‘wonderful weather’?

I absolutely hate mornings!  

Never in all my life have I been an early riser.

No matter how early I go to bed, even after a full 8 hours sleep, when the alarm goes off on a school day, I have to swim through miles of fog (and 3 deliberately staged alarm settings).  It drives my partner mad as he cannot understand my logic.  At 7.15 I am still in my deep dream state, and I need something to jog me out of that into a less profound state , which is where my next alarm at 7.30 attacks.  Still sleeping, I will turn this off and lay there determined to squeeze every last  minute  out of laying in this cosy dreamy cocoon which is the best bit…when you are subconsciously aware how lovely it feels. The next alarm at 7.45 then kicks in and I know I am on last chance, so the snooze function then begins! But it is easier by then as I am almost but not quite awake. Trust me , it works !

However, here I am,  it’s the weekend and it’s 7 o’clock and I’m wide  awake writing this blog😡😡 what the hell is that all about?


This weekend we are on a mini break as Bridget Jones would say.  My partner has a house up in the mountains of theAlpujarras in Spain…it’s where all the ley lines meet to create a certain ambient state that causes many of the local residents to become so chilled and laid back, that they practically float around without a care in the world!  It has a massive hippy commune, and when we visit downtown Orgiva, it is not uncommon to see people walking around barefoot even in winter.

But Today we will be wearing our wellies, as in the last 24 hours we have had torrential rain, and today is forecast for much of the same.  Strangely, when living in the UK, where it rained almost everyday, I wouldn’t have thought twice about getting in the car and driving  in the rain. But yesterday. I was totally stressed about doing the trip with 2 young girls in the back. By the time i arrived here, I badly needed a cup of tea (I am still very English at heart) followed by a very welcome bottle of the red stuff to chill out. 

We are perched on the edge of a mountain, overlooking the entire valley, our heads are literally up in the clouds.  As we drove up and up the mountain yesterday, the girls had their arms out the car window trying to catch the swirly white stuff.

From our terrace we can identify all the different types of clouds with our cloud finder….What is that?  you may ask… 😜.
Check our out the MyGeckoBox Facebook page where we have our Wonderful Weather Box photos , this months subscription box.  We had a cloud finder, a wind chime, a weather station… and a wind speed measuring machine called a anemometer. Everything you need for a rainy bank holiday weekend!  Thank goodness for crafts!

Have a fantastic bank holiday, whatever you are doing.Alpujarras

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