It’s Competition Time

Do your children love stories at bedtime?
What kid doesn’t?  If this has been part of their bedtime routine since they have been tots, that’s a lot of stories, right?  Well if you want to  stretch their creativity and imagination skills.
Why not turn the tables around and get them to tell you a bed time story?

(Obviously in their bed at their bed time!  We don’t  wish to encourage any midnight bed hopping, just when you thought you had 10 minutes to yourself to read a good book!).

MyGeckoBox are running a competition this month, to get the creative juices flowing now school is back.
A bed time story
Here are some tips to help them get started, the rules and of course where to send it.
Best ones get published on our facebook page and there is an exciting prize for the overall winners
ages 4-6 & 7-9.
Our Dino Discovery Box  is a great educational box with some dress up crafts included.
Dinosaur Kids Activities
What better way to get their imaginations going for story telling then some dressing up and character play.  We can already see the story unfold… Once upon a time there was a daft Diplodocus call Dusty. Why was he called Dusty?  Well………
Ages 4-6:  Story to be 60 words or more & narrated by your child and written by you or send a video clip if you prefer.
Ages 7-8:  Story to be minimum 125 words
Any subject they like, we want to leave it to them.
Send the story to by the 2nd of October 2017
  • Before they start, try to talk about who is going to be in their story, where they are, is it night or day,  setting a  scene.
  •  Then ask them what they would like to call their characters and what are they? Does he/she have a friend or pet? How old are they?
  • What does he/she look or sound like. Practice their voices.
  • We think it helps to let them start off, Once upon a time … but then you or a sibling can take turns until they can tell you happens next without prompting.
  • Have some crayons & paper handy to draw some pictures to help illustrate their story.
  • Maybe dressing up will help their creative juices run wild.
Just get them to write a few sentences at a time, then act out the story so far.. see where it takes them….
Most importantly, have fun.  We can’t wait to read them!

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