It’s To Do With Cushions!

I normally like to write my blog based on my recent experiences in day to day life. There always seems to be so much going on, that I merely have to sit in front of the keyboard and my fingers come to life.  It’s almost like sleepwalking, blank screen one minute, and the next..voila!

Not so this week.  Strangely, I feel on a bit of a low.  No reason why, in fact last week MyGeckoBox reached a new milestone and had good reason to celebrate.

jellybean overload
So I am a little mystified.  Possible the enormous amount of jelly beans purchased for me by a friend and dutifully eaten by me, may have some contributory factor in why my body right now is screaming at me to redress the balance.

I think I had a jelly bean high, and now I have crashed and burned.  It’s a detox for me and no avoiding it.  Luckily because the weather has been so warm , I have not had to squeeze into my jeans yet, but the time is looming.  So, if this article seems a little food obsessed, you know why.

Last week saw the arrival to spain of a very good friend of mine.. we have been through many things together in the past 12 years.  Since her return to Ireland 6 years ago, we have only managed a few all too brief meetings but yesterday was one of them. I pulled together Sunday lunch for 10 of us and it was a chaotic but a lovely afternoon.

There were children desperate to make friends with the 3 dogs, who were desperate to make friends with the resident cats, and the cats were desperate to make friends with the children who were dropping their chicken on the floor.

cushions, life before kidsI remember when my house was a child free zone, my cushions were always straight and I would create fantastic meals for many friends.  Yesterday was a far cry from the old days and I wouldn’t have it any other way..

Life with kids does change your perspective on things. You stop worrying so much about cushions and more about education. And that indeed is a worry for me!

It is now a few months since school started and the homework is coming home.  Last week, my 8 year old had to de comp the roman numerals up to 1 million!  Jeez, I wasn’t ready for that!  The work book had a reference chart, but even so, it was tricky.

This week, they will have a maths and language exam.  Based on that, the weekend should probably have been spent doing preparation, but do you know what? I rebelled!  The weekends are a regular homework battleground in this house. Why? Because with dancing Friday and Art Club Saturday morning, and a best friend over in afternoon, those days are out.  Sunday should be a family day and I resent that we have to work around the homework.  So for once, I said no!

I watched a very impassioned video on ViralThread, it said a lot about how we teach goldfishour children.  I found myself really moved.  It is by an american Rapper known as Prince Ea, who is very vocal about education

He starts with…”You cannot teach a goldfish to climb a tree!”  It’s powerful stuff and worth 5 minutes of your time to listen to click here.

So as we at MyGeckoBox have been teaching children how to learn through an alternative method, you may not be surprised that we agreed with many of Prince Ea’s points.  Learning should be fun and interactive, as it is more likely that a child will remember or understand information.

Roman Numerals, I am still working on that one!  BuRainforest Craft Box by MyGeckoBoxt if you look at our craft discovery boxes, we have included fun elements to the kids fact sheets, which we hope will encourage them to want to learn more about the subject.

For example; in the rainforest, it can take 20 minutes for a raindrop to reach the forest floor from entering the canopy. That’s all 4 layers!

Try dripping  water from an upstairs window and getting kids to time it.  They are learning about time and remembering that one single fact.  So simple!

With the Under The Sea and Autumn discovery boxes, I could give you so much more info to impress the kids with over dinner, but why not let them discover for themselves, and impress their teacher with some cool facts.

Under the Sea Crafts & FactsGo on I dare you, dip your toe into the Sea or Rainforest, you may get bitten by a coral snake… but is he venomous? … You can find out.

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