Just Another Summer Night

Anyone who lives in or knows Mijas will be familiar with the moans and groans coming from the locals who have suffered the never ending reform on the old village plaza this past year.

The village has been thoroughly dug up and modernised, and i am sure many of us are now scratching our heads and saying “was it worth it?” We have a very modern and very circular town square! Hmm.

The contemporary design is different, modern with some traditional touches, and lots of circles! Can anyone explain the significance of those numerous rings?  The water feature will be a great hit with kids… Having fun whilst getting soaked running through fountains whilst fully clothed is most children dream, even if it’s not their parents! Getting them home in dripping clothes… nightmare!

HIMG_4359aving said all that, it will be nice to see the village come back to life again.  It has not been the normal summer routine of nightly open air fiestas and musical events that we have all enjoyed in previous years.

Of course, there have been things going on in the open air arena, but many costing a few euros or more.

The gecko team put down the childrens craft kits and took to the beach last week when the Simply Red concert was on at the castle in Fuengirola. Beautiful venue. What an idyllic night that was … sitting there with a beer in one hand and watching the sun come down and then a full moon slowly rising up to take its place, whilst the kids danced in the sand.  We felt blessed to live in a country where this was just another summers night… magical.

So we are heading toward the end of that carefree 3 month school holiday time.  Now the odd thought about school supplies have crossed our minds, and the new school books ordered all those months ago have to be collected.  Where did the time go?  We have had such a lovely time this summer, and I don’t want it to end yet.


Benahavís natural park was as beautiful as I had hoped it would be.  We spent an afternoon swimming in the fresh and cool waters of the river, the kids screaming with excitement when they jumped off ever increasingly higher rocks , me shouting “be careful” every time they climbed higher.  It was an incredible place, just the sheer pleasure of swimming up the narrowing river with rock faces soaring up either side made me feel like I was on a film set for Indiana Jones.  Spectacular, and an afternoon to remember for us all.

The next week will be the build up to the local feria in Mijas.  Lights and bunting will start going up and before we know it, and the girls will be parading around in their gorgeous flamenco dresses. You can download the Mijas Feria programme here.

I was reading about some of the more unusual fiestas around Spain.  Some I wouldn’t want to see, but a town near Madrid has a hilarious event which I believe precedes the running of the bulls.Fiestas-de-Mataelpino-2016

It started when due to the recession, the town of Matalpino couldn’t afford to put on the bull run. So they invested in a huge 200 kilo polystyrene boulder which they roll down the steeply declining streets, with the locals running like crazy in front of it…. also a little like an Indiana jones movie scene.

Click on the link to watch a report about el Baloencierro on YouTube..  I would love to see this in Mijas too… we have the terrain for it.


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