Kids fun and Games In Spain

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A glimpse of sun through the window is all I need, having sat around all winter hiding from gale force winds, then the pouring rain, I have had enough. I am now sending positive thoughts out there to leave the sunshine turned on.

Our kids are so lucky living here in Spain , getting out to the park or in the garden is so much healthier than sitting on computerised gadgets or the TV, even if it is educational! Also given the choice my daughter Mia, (who loves reading and Television and gadgets) will always go outside as her first choice.

Because of all the rain, the water levels have gone up thankfully, so we had a great weekend with Mia and her friends all fishing for tadpoles in a little stream nearby. The kids pulled on their wellies, and went off with their jam jars and nets, good old fashioned entertainment! Unfortunately we had to deal with hundreds of tadpoles when they came back, but thankfully apart from a handful being taken into school for the purpose of studying the frogs life cycle, the rest were returned to their natural habitat.

Kids Water Skittles

Playing in the park MyGeckoBoxI looked at some photos from last year when the kids played water skittles in May as it was so hot. Great fun, no matter what age. We all drink more water when its hot so use those empty bottles to have fun. Paint numbers between 25-500 on the bottles, fill with water and position them in a skittle formation or lines .

Then cut the centre out of some plastic plates to make a ring. Voila, you are ready to play. If the kids want to get wet, leave the tops off the bottles and use a heavier ring.

So good old fashioned fun, creative, imaginative , healthily active. This is what we are aiming for this summer. I will have to get my thinking cap on fast, but if anyone has any good ideas for kids games in the garden or pool, let us know. The geckobox team love new ideas. We are planning the year ahead with various different themes each month in our craft boxes, all with a view to stimulating and honing motor skills, capturing the kids imagination whilst they are learning , and of course good old fashioned having fun.

We would love to hear from you, and if you have some suggestions,check out our facebook page and leave us a comment.

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