Kittens and Shooting Stars

What is a shooting star?
Good question raised by one of our kids on our weekend away in the mountains , Cañar In the Apujarras , Spain.
Cañar, GranadaCañar, Granada
Well as we didn’t cover this question in Aprils subscription Space Themed craft box it could give MyGeckoBox an excuse to do another box with a stargazingtwist.
The night sky is infinite, incredible, and even more so when you are up higher then Ben Nevis in the Sierra Nevada , Andalucía  (4000 feet apparently) in the smallest village I have ever visited, Cañar, with no light pollution and stars shining brighter then I have ever seen.

Star gazing

As we lay on our backs at 1 o’clock in the morning gazing at those beautiful twinkling stars, we must have seen 10 or more shooting stars … plus the odd alien ship apparently!?  Our kids were so excited that we almost forgot to make a wish.
KittensSomeone must have though, as the very next morning a beautiful kitten made an appearance.
Its funny, a year and a half ago, we visited Disney World in Florida and I didn’t think we could top that with any other holiday for the excitement factor.  Yet this weekend away may have just come a close second and at a fraction of the price.  No expensive rides, nor a themed restaurant in sight, just down to earth and very friendly local people in a traditional tapas bar (note, free delicious tapas with every drink in Granada) some good fun old fashioned games in the village square and the freedom for kids to roam around without me saying, be careful every 5 minutes.
It was a win, win all round.
The impromtu treasure hunt, with a few clues written on scraps of paper, had them all thinking and exercising their brain cells. They ran around the house and garden, working as a team, till they found the prize.. a packet of M&Ms.
Simple Kids ExperimentsNot to eat!  We did an experiment with them that I had seen on Pinterest, check this out.  It was brilliant & easy to set up.
After dinner we all sat around the table, device free, chatting and enjoying the company of our kids without nagging!   It actually ended up with us playing a game on a mobile phone called HEADS UP, which involved giving clues to the person who had the screen placed on his/her forehead guessing as to what the object could be. The kids loved playing it and surprised us with their general knowledge too. Lots of fun to play and its a free app.
I love free things or bargains, it gives me immense pleasure when I feel that I have got value for money.  I like to think of myself as generous as I just love giving to people.. the pleasure in choosing something that I know will be appreciated by a loved one…that makes me really happy.  So loving a freebie doesn’t mean i am mean!  But it’s a different pleasure when you know an arm and a leg hasn’t been sacrificed.
Ask freebiefindingmom, she has loads of ideas on Pinterest that are worth a look at.
My point is that as long as children are being stimulated, it is not necessary to spend a fortune on entertaining them.
Kids & DevicesYes they will always want to buy rubbish when they see it and the electronics are never far from their mind or grasp, but simple things, that can come totally free are still winners.  We just have to take the opportunity and time to introduce them to these pleasures when we can.
Now we are back home, we are back to iPads and computers and television. But that’s ok, I am chilled about that, as I have a few more interesting alternatives up my sleeve to bring out again soon that will blow technology out the water…or should I say “out the star filled sky”.😏

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