So I am sitting here quietly on my own on a Sunday morning, contemplating what I need to do today and the order of play.  I have had a cuppa and watered my plants and spoken to my mum, tick, tick and  ✅ .

Now i need to go back and finish off my decorating project, which is a daunting task.


The room where you hide all things that you dont want on display when visitors come, a dumping ground in effect.  Along with my jewellery dollies,that are supposed to be decorative, are piles of dust and worse still, the drawers! 

I am doing what I always do when starting a project impulsively. Which is trying to do too much.

So not only are the walls being painted, I am shabby chic(ing) my old bedroom furniture too. Dont get me wrong, I love doing it but I hate the clearing out.


I have a drawer full of memories that are from my pre baby days that contain underwear that i could only dream of looking good in nowadays but are too good to just chuck in the bin.

I am clearly hoping that they may ask me to be the next female TimeLord and so i can turn the clock back!

Then alongside that is my daughters first baby gro and christening dress, iconic photo outfit, letters to and from tooth fairy and santa claus and the elf on the shelf is hidden in there too! All hidden away from prying eyes 👀.

So that needs  to be dealt with, and then there is my Official  Knicker drawer. On first glance, nicely organised with black/white and various.  However underneath are the ones I have buried, going grey and with elastic that would no longer stretch any further than my budget for a new set of underwear. But it is time, and I am going to deal with it whilst the rest of the house are sleeping.

Happy Sunday

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