Let 2019 be practically perfect in every way.

Starting 2019 with lots of positive intentions is probably on everyone’s list. Why wouldn’t it be? 

This year, I kicked it off with a non hang over on day 1 …good start.

I also went to see the new Mary Poppins film… absolutely loved it, and in my humble opinion , it was as good as the original.

Chim Chim Cher-ee
The original Mary Poppins

I think I’ve seen the original dozens of times, usually over Christmas, and my daughter has all the words to Chim Chim Cher-ee committed to memory. Classic.

Now we have some fabulous new songs to learn too and we have introduced “Pish posh” to the vocabulary!

But what I loved most of all about this film was the positive messages it sent out to all of us parents.

We all need to take a leaf out of the book of Mary Poppins…not to be practically perfect in every way ( I already am!) but to let our children be children whilst they can. 

They loose that innocence all too quickly. But to let them see that when they are kids , it’s not all about being top of the class or best in sport or having the latest Nike trainers. It is as important to have great imaginations and fun and be children…do you get my drift? And It’s fine to have a battered old kite, or tatty old teddy, as long as it’s loved.

The old line “nothing is impossible” might seem like a a cliche but Mary Poppins had it right… impossible problems are a matter of perspective, and if we can teach our kids and learn that ourselves too, great. Power of positivity is a wonderful thing.

Of course, any parent who hasn’t taken their kids to see this brilliant film may not know what the hell I am wittering on about. So if you haven’t seen it, get along to the cinema and give yourself and the kids an education and a treat… trust me Wreckit Ralph doesn’t come close!

So if 2019 is going to be a positively brilliant year… I will be thanking a certain super Nanny for her help. 

Mary Poppins Returns

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