Let’s Get Creative with Maths!

Back to school week 2, and I am still enjoying the peaceful respite from extended holidays, even though getting out of bed when it’s distinctly chilly and still dark doesn’t get any easier.


You know how frustrating it is when you go to help your kid with their maths homework?  Simple stuff, that even after years of not attending school, you still remember how to do, only to find they have changed all the rules! Grrr.

This week, my 8 year old had to show me how to do basic division 201Creative with Math7 style!

Well, I am happy to introduce someone who could be the answer to all of our problems.  This guy knows his stuff, and I would like to invite him to my house from Monday to Thursday to give us all a good helping of his fantastic enthusiasm with math!

Check out this activity below called Add and Subtract with Math Bugs, where kids get creative with Math.

It’s all about making Math practice fun.

Over to you Gregg Helliers, www.education.com/resources/math/

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