Mermaid Tails

Looking out for the Dangers of the internet and deep water!

Mermaid tails and art shark attackWow, suddenly it got very hot here on the costa del sol, and lethargy has set in. This is probably due to the sleepless nights! Do you find that If you have the air conditioning on, it is too cold, and you have to turn it off halfway through the night before you get frostbite? But if you leave the window open its either barking dogs or cockerels crowing, or those noisy cicadas keeping you awake! 

 We tried making a promotional video at home last week, which had to be relocated due to the noise being generated by those little insects. Incredible when you see the size of them, if you consider the volume of noise. I am sure that a few nightclubs in Town have been denounced for less noise!!

So the summer camps have finished in our house and we are now looking at the summer holiday survival kits once again. Of course, as anticipated, we have not managed to achieve one completed line on the reward chart. The book with some mathematical problems is gathering dust on the desk, the jobs to be completed list has one pathetic tick on it and the only thing that has had Mia’s undivided attention is the iPad! 

She has been keeping up her Spanish on the ‘duolingo ‘ app, which is great, but the YouTube channel seems to be getting far more attention. 

What is it with kids and YouTube?

There are so many lovely and child friendly videos to watch, but so much of it is unrealistic, where all those families go out every day and have super fun doing homespun, back to nature and old fashioned lovely things.  Then come back home without a crossword ever spoken .. Really??!!  

I have tried explaining to Mia that real life is not like that all the time… although it can be sometimes if we make an effort to do things together.

In my mind, our outing to Benhavis today will be just like that. But the reality will be, I have to resume nag mode when Mia wants to go too deep in the water or won’t put her sun cream on and I don’t produce a delicious ice cream in the middle of nowhere!! 

Then to make me feel like an even worse mum, i have just read a seriously worrying article about children and iPhones.

 We have all read about and know the dangers of social media with children, but it is so easy to slip into complacency when you put parental restrictions on the devices. We have downloaded onto the ipad an ap called mobicip which is a form of protection as it can detect if any music or videos being listened to have inappropriate words and block them. DaddyDaycare has it all under control hopefully and is looking at a new app called Kids Lox. This allows you to cut off access to the internet remotely from your own device at any chosen time… Especially bedtime! I sense a few wars on the horizon, her ladyship is not going to be happy! 

In the meantime, if anyone has any doubts about the problems that stem from kids and the free use of having their own devices read this Daily Mail article…

Mobile rage

So in the next few weeks our plans are to use various kid friendly venues and keep Mia and her friends entertained with some exercise at costa jump, which is always great fun. Pony club is another option on the agenda, plus a cooling off a swim in the natural park area at Benhavis. I am told it is beautiful there and anything with water is good for my daughter. . .. And the final Ace up my sleeve, booked in the diary for the end of the holidays is another week at science summer camp, with Scienca Divertiva, what a fabulous place that is. Mia loved going there, she came home brimming with excitement having grown a crystal tree, and wanting to try out some of the experiments. Throwing an egg off the balcony into a specially prepared box to see if it would break got messy… As she missed the box! 

MyGeckoBox-Mermaid TailsIt’s been such a busy summer, I have barely had a moment to sit down and write about the fun things we have been up to. I had almost forgotten that a couple of weekends ago my daughter donned a mermaid tail and went swimming with a few other mermaid friends at the club de Sirenas y Tritones. Check it out if you live in the Malaga area, as I am sure there are a lot of wannabe mermaids out there. Brilliant idea for Birthday parties and especially with the mermaid theme in mind, do not forget MyGeckoBox mermaid mini kits… Absolutely brilliant party favours for little girls. Of course the boys can always be a shark or pirate!  We have it all covered. 

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  1. I have been worried about my daughters ipad usage for a while now, that article is shocking and has spurred me to take action. Back to school soon so a new regime (fingers crossed). Thanks for highlighting such an important issue. Loved the Mermaid box by the way, are you doing anything special for Halloween or Christmas?

  2. Sharks, what a brilliant idea. They can have fun and are sure to want to know more about these awesome creatures. Creativity leads to a desire to learn and sharks are endangered so what an opportunity for parents – a true play and learn experience.

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