Mijas Rocks

Nestled on the side of a smallish mountain in Spain is a small village called Mijas, in the region of Andalusia . During the day it is bustling with tourists (mostly Japanese taking zillions of photos) as we have lovely whitewashed buildings and cobbled streets and lots of old buildings and of course our infamous donkeys.

It is beautiful, charming and quaint. The locals are a friendly bunch too.

They made team Mygeckobox  very welcome when we all arrived at different stages. All of our kids have been to the local school which is right at the top of the village and features a very challenging hill to reach the gate and secretary’s office.  For years I was able to camouflage my not so great Spanish speaking skills as I would arrive outside the gates gasping for breath, completely unable to talk ! 

Thankfully  my fitness and linguistic skills have improved nowadays.  As has its cosmopolitan feel.  We have some fabulous restaurants and bars, which during the summer are buzzing. The main square hosts various diverse family events from rock concerts,  salsa dancing and family friendly games. The kids especially enjoy running through the water fountains to cool off, and its all laid on free.

Bull Run


Preparations for the local feria takes place during the first week of September and last year we had the craziest bull run (traditionally  live bulls are let loose to run through the streets whilst the local men prove their bravery and insanity by running ahead of them, dodging the sharp horns.)

Thankfully, we had a less dangerous version put on for the kids …a panto style Bull was doing all the running , whilst we all shouted…”he’s behind you!”

For the full programme of events for the Mijas Feria 2017 this week click here.

Last weekend, the open air auditorium hosted a ticket only concert with a tribute act featuring Bruno Mars, a smattering of Oly Murrs and other great artists. Bruno Mars Tribute Act Mijas

It was the first time I have taken my 9 year old daughter to a concert, who before my eyes was transformed from my little girl to a moving and grooving mini adult. Along with the rest of the crowd, she was rocking it.

I felt quite emotional and was seeing my baby with new eyes. We had a brilliant night out, mum and daughter singing along and striking some poses.


The Mijas open air auditorium has had  some special acts  ranging from the local school end of year production which always has some great musical themes, flamenca shows by local dance schools to The Jersey Boys stage show tribute, right up there with Opera and classical music events and some brilliant rock-fests. Flamenco Mijas Auditorium

So when it comes to deciding on where to go for a good night out, have a look at what my lovely little hometown is doing. Mijas may appear to be a sleepy village still steeped in tradition, but look past the beautiful churches and gardens and plazas and it has an electric atmosphere if you know where to go.

Mind you, during the winter months, once all the tourists have left on their coaches in the afternoon, most of  the bars close early and the streets are deserted by 9 o’clock. The locals party hard in the summer months but close their doors firmly to the winter chills.

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