OMG, It’s February Already!

Omg, it is February already!  Why is that so shocking? Even with the Brexit negotiations and the power of certain unmentionable people far overseas, the amount of days in the month cannot be changed!


We are moving rapidly towards THAT date on the calender which I always used to dread as a spotty, painfully shy teenager, Valentines Day!

Have things improved with time for me?… maybe my expectations of the event have, but no, sadly not. I will be able to open the front door without wading through a sea of cards and roses!

easy craft for valentinesHowever, on the bright side, i have been enthusiastically encouraging my daughter to make me and her dad a little gift to show how much she loves us and we had a lovely day yesterday creating.  It was such a good crafting afternoon and I have put the end results on the Pinterest pages of MyGeckoBox, click here.   
A bouquet of paper flowers with marshmallows for mummy, and for Daddy, a treat from ‘toothless the dragon’ (no pun intended😊) from the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ book series.  A firm favourite with daddy and daughter who have been reading the books at bedtime.


So Valentines day is covered, and now I need to get my head around the Mijas Carnival theme for us carnivaleers this year.Carnival ideas for Kids

It is always a challenge to shake off the January blues, but nothing does it quite like throwing yourself into a world of madness.
The MyGeckoBox team have thoroughly enjoyed participating in this local event for the last 4 years, and we even came a close 2nd in one year. I am not sure my daughter has forgiven me yet for dressing her up as a cake stand, but as the others were squeezed into giant tea cups, I think she got a good deal!  This year we have talked of what could be a winning theme, but to hell with it, I don’t really care as long as we love what we are doing.  Watch this space for photos of carnival queens, but not the scantily dressed variety!

The other thing we always look forward to in February is Pancake Day.  Pancakes are a regular treat for breakfast when we have a camping trip with our other co Glampers. The kids can’t get enough of them for breakfast. I have had them chanting outside my tent at 7.30 in the morning as I am the pancake chef. Not fun when you are trying to emerge from a hangover ( all part of the glamping experience!) .

But Pancake Day is still special. How do you like yours..?  With traditional lemon and sugar, fruit or with bacon and maple syrup which happens to be my favourite of all time. When we visited Disney World last year, I was most excited about the All-American breakfast, a whole stack of pancakes! Goofy and Pluto came a close second and third though!

This year, I will again attempt to educate my family on the true significance of Shrove Tuesday, although I doubt the fasting afterwards will happen.  It is good to know why we have these traditions if we are going to participate in them.  I found this link from Woodlands Primary School website in Kent prepared already and thought it was great. Read this. Wish me luck!

February is looking like a busy month, we’ve got a Discovery Box which is ‘Out of this World’ 😉 ready for our monthly subscribers (sign up here) PLUS we are launching our Pirate Box into the shop. Girls and boys love a bit of pirate dressing up, as our photos show. We are also running a drawing competion of all things Pirate. Whether it be treasure maps or Captain Hooks picture, or Pirates of the Carribean inspired pictures, we want to see them. Send them to us at and we will publish your kids efforts on our facebook page.

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