One Of Those Old Fashioned Things ?

How has your week been?  If it is anything like ours at MyGeckoBox, then hectic!

What happened after I posted that blog a few weeks ago entitled ” Ladies, close your eyes…and relax”?

We have all been full on with Halloween preparations at MyGeckoBox.  There has been so much to do and we are still at it, with authentic spiders webs hanging in my house, ghosts glowing in the kitchen, but thankfully no bats, well not inside the house anyway!MyGeckoBox Halloween Crafts of Kids

That ‘To Do’ list still has to be done, and piled on top of that, the thousand other things since, it’s mind boggling.

When people say to me “Oh, you don’t work, what do you do?” my mind goes blank, and I can’t think of a single thing that sounds intelligent and ‘modern day woman’.  Why is that?

I do so much that counts for something…teaching (homework and more), translating neighbours latest spanish letters and hospital appointments, and running a household (including the accounts).  Not to mention my role as Chef extraordinaire, with my never ending diets, an 8 year old and a celiac living in the same house, I feel like I should arrive at the dining table wearing a bow tie and flourishing a menu!

But this week, I can proudly think of something to say in answer to that question. Yes, myself and the MyGeckoBox team had a live video, Google Hangout, interview with Fiona Catchpowle of CostaWomen.Costa Women

You would have thought that we were about to join in a live debate with Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton the way we were all feeling before the event!  We all had our own personal issues, hair, teeth, glasses and the hideous double chins that seem to appear whenever you talk from your tablet, which then transfixes you instead of concentrating on the conversation!

I also have had an absolute fear of public speaking that comes from when I first realised I sounded just like Sybil from Fawlty Towers (am I showing my age here?)  I offered to just hold up signs, preferably under my double chins, but the girls were having none of it!

Anyway, we should not have been worried, as Fiona was a dream, the hostess with the mostess. She chatted with us about our new online kids craft venture and made sure we were comfortable talking.  In fact our 10 minute interview carried on for a good 15 minutes as she couldn’t shut us up!  It’s because we are so proud and passionate about our beautiful childrens craft boxes, we can’t help it!

So if you have time over a cup of coffee, check us out Costa Women Interview with MyGeckoBox , Dragons Den here we come!!

We are also going to sign up (I speak for Claire our marketing lady) for one of Fiona’s online marketing courses #CyberHeroes, so we can hashtag correctly.  Apparently there are rules!

MyGeckoBox BlogIn the meantime I will continue to Blog, which is about as advanced as I ever envisioned myself.

Times have changed indeed. My daughter was trying to remember the name of a TV series we had watched last year. Only when she mentioned that it was about a family and one of them used to write on “one of those old fashioned things” did I click.  It was a typewriter and the program was the ITV drama series ‘The Durrells’.  Technology has moved us on so much, I worry that a pen will be described as #OneOfThoseOldFashionedThings  one day. But that is a rant for another day.

Until next time.

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