Orangutans and Talking Dogs … does it get any crazier?

So much has been going on this last week, I barely know where to start…with the kids going back to school, the work at MyGeckoBox has escalated to an almost frantic pace.

We have been finalising our halloween crafts, and adding a few more exciting craft boxes to the selection in our shop. One I have been working on all summer will be on the shelf in a week hopefully, and it’s so gorgeous.  I think there may be a few little girls who would be very happy to receive this for christmas or a birthday present. But that’s not all, the boys have not been forgotten and we have a new treasure box (big hint☺️) coming in for them too.

We have always tried to make our craft boxes suitable for all kids, whether they be boy or girl, but sometimes “non gender specific” just doesn’t fit the bill!  So watch this space for the latest additions arrival date, MyGeckoBox Shop.

Photographic Studio set up by MyGeckoBoxWith all the new products coming through, we decided to set up our own photographic studio, with professional lighting and a fancy dancy camera. Luckily, Suzy, amongst all her other talents, was able to operate this!!  I, on the other hand , being an absolute technophobic, volunteered myself to be prop holder and tea lady!  So photographs of all the new products are done and we are well on the way.

Rainforest Craft Box by MyGeckoBoxOur amazon Rainforest box has been such an amazing journey of discovery for us, and as it was our first box, it will be always be a special one in our hearts.  It also coincided with another special event that has just happened this summer. The Fuengirola BioPark (zoo) has a new arrival.  A baby Orangutan!

orangutan-keoc-253x190diario-sur-englishThis baby orangutan is so cute.  What is so special about these these gorgeous, but somewhat follically challenged, animals (they make my morning bed head look positively salon styled) is that they are the closest animals to us human mothers.  Their bond with baby is so strong, they only reproduce every 7 or 8 years, before which the mother is unable to separate from the baby.

I remember seeing the last little orangutan with his mum 8 years ago. The mother was holding the baby up and kissing it just like a human mum and baby.  This was all being watched by a very grumpy looking dad, who knew he wasn’t going to get a look in for at least 7 years!

So after reading all about the orangutan, maybe a few of you may be inspired to check out our Rainforest boxes… We don’t have any orangutans in there but we do have some fabulous crafty birds and snappy beasts and bugs,  and in the diaroma there is plenty of room to put in a few extras, like the clothes peg monkeys we have on our Pinterest page or you could make orangutans.!!  See MyGeckoBox Pinterest page for how to make them.Benji the dog unboxing video for MyGeckoBox

Another animal has been busy making a name for himself this week. A dog named Benji.
His mum bought a MyGeckoBox Rainforest Box as he is always chasing butterflies and birds in the garden. Anyway, she has made a video of him opening the box up and checking out the contents. It is hilarious, he is wearing his adventurers outfit and looks so cute in his hat . We love you Benji!  Check out the YouTube link here to see him.

So it’s been an eventful few weeks, keep your eye on the shop for our new additions.

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