Our Top 4 Activities For Happy Kids This Easter

The Easter holiday break hooray!

Who is more excited in your house.. the kids, or you? Do you love the relaxed morning wake up time, or are your kids up with the lark come rain or shine?
Need some ideas for the holidays that don’t involve spending a fortune?

Here are the top 4 favourite holiday activities for happy kids from the MyGeckoBox team:

Get the mixing bowl out
Let the kids loose in the kitchen.  You can’t go wrong with chocolate cornflake nests, they’re so easy and kids don’t need much help with these at all.
A bit more adventurous?  Check out the link below, we like the Easter Cookies, you could challenge the kids to decorate them without licking their fingers…bet they can’t!
Click on this to get some fun Easter recipes for kids. 
The Easter Treasure hunt
Yes its obvious, but it’s not the Easter holidays until you have done an egg hunt!  Hide some

chocolate mini eggs (it helps if you count how many there are & remember where you put them). 

There’s always one kid that grabs the lot and the younger sibling in tears because they have only
found a few!   We’ve tried all kinds over the years to make it fair, best one yet is the Scavenger List.
For example each child has to find 2 Creme Eggs, 5 smaller eggs, and 1 chocolate bunny.   If they find more, they have to leave it for their friend, or nudge their sibling in the right direction ;).
More you say?
Get them to design a simple treasure map and hide some eggs for the rest of the family.  They can mark where the hidden eggs and give some clues to help.
Or even better get crafty and make a simple Easter basket like these bunny baskets we made with the MyGeckoBox team.
Make a Den
If its raining or snowing, den making is a great fun.   Let them loose with a few sheets, blankets, towels and chairs and see how creative they can be.   Throw in a few torches and some survival snacks and you have yourself a good hours peace!
We love the forestry commission website for fun outdoor activities and if the weather is kind and you can get to the woods, here’s how to make a really cool den from branches. They also have many nature trail activities, so clear the snow away and get those wellies on !
Good weather?   Picnic in the Park!

Easter Fun Ideas for kids

Don’t underestimate the fun of a picnic in the park.  Get your friends and their kids to come along and throw some blankets on the ground, and relax while the kids make their own fun!
We do this every year with a brilliant bunch of friends, and let the kids organising themselves with some sack races and 3 legged races, egg and spoon races and tug of war!   It never gets old and costs nothing more than a few sandwiches!
Share your top ideas to keep them busy this holiday.
Have a fun Easter from all of us and don’t forget to check out our website for our awesome activity boxes for kids!

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