Pirates, Sharks and Dragonflies

Shark Attack MyGeckoBoxIf anyone has been following my blogs avidly , I apologise for being so quiet during the last couple of weeks. As we all know, the summer holidays have started, and apart from me trying to entertain my beloved daughter Mia, the gecko team have been working flat out stocking up our shop, making last minute changes to our instructions and cool fact sheets that go in our boxes. Plus, getting the website up to date with all the latest products… Phew, it’s been frantic!

Yesterday was the photographic stage. Who would have thought taking a photo of a box could be so complicated! But I have to say, our photographer, who many parents will know from his years at The English International college in Marbella, was an absolute star. He turned our kids from pirates to sharks, and had them making gorgeous dragonfly brooches all in one afternoon. The kids were brilliant too, little stars in the making! All in all, we had a very successful and exhausting day. A big thank you Geoff, we love you!Pirates ahoy MyGeckoBox Mini Kit

So today, a sense of calm has finally made its appearance, and the weather is cooler, making it an ideal opportunity to sit down and write my latest blog. Unfortunately, my daughter, who is an only child, doesn’t agree! she wants more lights, entertainment and action!

I have many people say to me how lucky I am that I don’t have to act as referee between 2 fighting children. This is true, I have seen them in action, trying not to take sides, and it’s tough. But on the other hand, usonly child parents have our issues too.

We have to encourage independent playtime, which is never as much fun as with your friend or sibling, and invariably we get drawn into whatever the activity it is. That’s great, if you have nothing else to do, and can get down on your hands and knees to their level. But if you can’t, you end up getting frustrated with your child, who doesn’t understand. I love playing board games with Mia, but for example, monopoly with just the 2 of us is way way too long… It can take days even!  Then there is only so much time I can spend in the pool with her before I start wrinkling like an old prune (trust me I don’t need extra help in that department)

TParty- time at Yoyuba adventure parkYoyuba Adventure Park and Kidz Kingdom to take refuge from that hot afternoon sun during the holidays. The kids had a great afternoon last week in Yoyuba when they were filming for a new Torremolinos TV show…waiting to hear the broadcasting dates but it is soon. They Will be holding regular televised events in there which sounds like lots of fun and games lined up. We might even offer one of our discovery boxes from our shop as a prize once it gets up and running…. MyGeckoBox will keep you posted….

So getting back to my point. We all appreciate independent play is really important to learn, especially with only children, or where you have kids who can’t get out to play. So what better than our subscription box crafts… Because there are at least 3 separate crafts to do, all with varying skill sets and levels, the kids have something they can do, supervised or not.  Then at the end of the project, they will have learned something, have played with the end product, and still have more. The fun facts and little puzzles will still entertain them, plus they will have a few jokes to impress the rest of the family at meal times.

It is just a shame my daughter has product tested all the crafts already, so I need to get on with designing some new ones!

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