Shark attack!

Pool parties with MyGeckoBox shark finsWell it’s been an incredible week for the MyGeckoBox team, and already we can see what the favourite box for the summer is going to be… We were worried that small children, or their (squeamish)mums might be put off by the name, but not at all! What we are seeing is people having pool parties with shark fins on all their children’s heads! Not to mention those beach parties… I hope that the responsible parents are telling the lifeguard that it’s not a school of sharks (or a game, herd, shiver or frenzy …. I looked it up!!). Anyway, we are really happy with the response to our launch last weekend… Keep those orders coming please, and we would love to see any photos of the kids making their crafts or swimming with their shark fins.
We have also started compiling a series of outtakes of the videos taken during the product testing by our mini geckos… You know that saying ‘never work with children or animals’… It’s true. We will be posting it on Youtube as soon as we can… So watch this space…

Shark Attack Mini KitThis week I have been running backward and forward with Mia, my daughter. Ferrying her to tennis camp at Daryl Collins Tennis Academy every day. I was hoping she was going to finish the week with a trophy or medal, not at all! However, he did say “at least she can hit the ball back sometimes” Hopes of a future Wimbledon star dashed!! She had a great week though, and they do say that it’s the competing, not winning that is important.

I was talking to Mia ‘s Godmother about Mia and her friends when she visited last month. She commented that it was very refreshing to see them all playing happily but being competitive at the same time. Apparently this is not as common to see as you might think. Our natural instinct to protect children from getting hurt emotionally means we do not put them in challenging situations if
we can help it.

I don’t know how true this is, but I do know that this is not my way. If they do not fail and then try again, they will never learn to deal with failure. Which is a dangerous path when they are growing up to be young adults. MyGeckoBox team photo...celebrating the birth of new business ventureTaking risks are part of growing, and I have always been a bit of a risk taker… Coming over here 25 years ago and setting up a restaurant, when I had zero experience in that line of business (apart from being a barmaid when I Was 19) was risky. But after making plenty of mistakes and learning from them, the business grew into an incredibly successful one. Which continued to grow until I left to have a baby 9 years ago.

Then began the training for my next venture…motherhood. A very steep learning curve indeed! Still, it prepared me for the next step in my life… The birth of MyGeckoBox.

I hope this new business venture will be as successful. Again, I have no experience in this field, apart from knowing what makes children tick, and an endless supply of barmy and fun ideas on how to entertain them. Luckily, I have my fellow Geckobox mums to reign me in when I go too far, and of course they bring their own very important and individual talents to the table too. We make a great all round team, but It makes me smile when I remember how much I hated school and my teachers, and now I am working with 2 of them!

Life is funny….

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