Are Tupperware Parties the Future For Megan?

The latest news to hit us in this 2nd week of 2020 got me thinking.

“Harry and Megan are going to become to try and become independent”.

We can all work out the reasons why, and it got me wondering about the different problems every family and household face when they are bringing up kids in sometimes difficult circumstances.

Now I love the Royals. Some more than others obviously, especially after the last year of events . But I wouldn’t want their lives under any circumstances . I have mucho sympathy for anyone who cannot have a hair out of place or say a word without everyone jumping on their back. Life with a baby is enough of a challenge without all that extra pressure and we all know what that does for our personal beauty regime and don’t even mention the hormonal effects.

But I wonder what they would make of some of the issues that face us normal (ish) people on a day to day basis. For example…

What do these items have in common?

Odd socks and lids for plastic food storage box’s …

They are never anywhere to be found in the drawer as a matched pair!

odd socksThe socks to which I am particularly drawn to are the crazy patterned ones, where there is no mistaking which belongs with which when I am fishing them out of the laundry basket , post wash. My partner on the other hand prefers them all to look more or less the same, Black with usually a stripe around the top. Which is why I have sock rage days.

Mine, simple. Paired up and in the drawer before you can blink.

His, I have to spot the difference, as they all look the same but are not. I end up playing what looks like an elaborate game of sock snap, with all the individuals placed in rows on the bed with me trying to turn them inside out to find the dark blue/grey/burgundy stripe, which could then be one or 2 stripes, or a logo on the side. But they all look the bloody same, until they are turned the right way. It takes up way to much of my time, life is too short for this!

I have a large drawer in my kitchen, neatly stacked with my dozens of plastic life as a mumfood containers, all with matching green lids. Except not…because as soon as I put some food into the container, the so called matching lld doesn’t fit or is completely missing. Maybe is it because I have put them in the dish washer and they have shrunk? Where do the lids go? It drives me mad, and I regularly accuse him indoors of throwing them away, because they can’t have just disappeared.!

So when Harry and Megan have set up their “normal” household after they have become independent, I would love to ask them, “Who sorts out the socks?”

As I am sure they will be busy pureeing pumpkin, sweet potato and spinach in preparation for the transition to solids for the baby…those plastic containers will become a way of life, so look out for those lids Megan…or will it be Harry?

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