Soft White Fluffy Stuff

Oh my goodness, what an exciting week we had in Mijas this week. I know for you all living in colder climes that the brief snow flurries we had in our little village on Wednesday would just have you turning your noses up in scorn!  But seriously our kids were beside themselves with excitement.

Not only the kids either! My friend took her family around the whole village and the locals were all out playing snowballs, it was like New Year’s Eve all over again.Snow in Mijas

The village of Mijas hasn’t had a flake of snow in 25 years so there was reason to be excited.

The Sierra sitting behind us was covered in white snowy caps and even 2 days later when I was doing my usual gymnastics drop off, there was a traffic jam leading up to the mountain road. There were coaches and walkers armed with cameras and selfie sticks lining the road …crazy!

So what is it about that soft white fluffy stuff that gets us all so excited?

Is it the surreal quietness that seems to settle when the snow settles?

I have been lucky enough to experience that magical silence when on the chair lift high above the ski slopes, without a small child whingeing in my ear for a whole 15 minutes, in fact I have often been tempted to stay on the lift and go around a few more times…it’s better than a weekend spa treatment honestly☺️.

Sierra Nevada Granada Spain

So Sierra Nevada, not the prettiest alpine village in the world, but its our nearest ski resort and we do get lots of sunny days there which make up for it.

Not having to wear the full face mask and goggles, or a 30 tog extra padded ski jacket that make me look like a tele-tubby is a definite bonus!  Plus whizzing down the slopes in a t-shirt and ray-bans takes some beating.

But back to our snowy Mijas and a garden looking sparkly white… snow come back soon, we had so much fun..


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  1. Can’t wait to get up to Sierra Nevada and get the kids skiing again! How amazing to have snow on costa del sol.

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