Summer Has Arrived!

The Mijas Foam FestivalSo the summer holidays have finally started in our house… The school reports have been collected and reward charts for extra studying are on the agenda! This is where I dress up the act of doing math and lengua as fun!!!

It is the same every year, I go out and buy those little exercise books with all good intentions. I even buy new pens in exciting colours to try and make it more interesting, spend hours creating a fabulous chart with all sorts of incentives and stick it on the fridge. Usually her ladyship gets all bright eyed and excited about the rewards, and then does a running jump into the pool, where she stays the entire summer until her hair turns green!

Is this year going to be different? I hope so, I want it to be, but how to make it happen? hmm. If I start off how I mean to go on, in theory we should succeed. I will be using a mini kit from the MyGeckoBox shop as one of my prizes, what more could a child want!Kids-Reward-Chart

Thankfully, here in Spain too much television time isn’t a problem in the summer. In fact, in our house, it sits in the corner gathering dust until the end of August. With the English football team out, and the Brexit vote over, the world seems to have come to an end, so the television can stay off! Mind you, Wimbledon may give us cause to switch back on. Especially as we have a tennis summer camp booked for the end of July and first week of August, thank you Daryl Collins Tennis Academy I wish you luck with my daughter!!

Then that’s it, no more visitors staying for the whole summer. I have been running a hotel for family for the last 3 weeks, and its time for some fun. The Mijas foam Festival has kicked it all off and we are officially on holiday, hurrah!

Our-First-MyGeckoBoxesMyGeckoBox mums came round to start packing up our first boxes ready for sending out and they look really good. Still lots of last minute things to do in our shop, but we are almost there. We are taking a couple of days off though, as its a really important birthday for one of us… No numbers mentioned but a really Big happy birthday Claire Rowlands Pidd from all
of us MyGeckoBox mums.

This year is going to be the Year of the Gecko thanks to you! You may get a MyGeckoBox discovery box for your birthday if you are lucky!!

Summer holidays have begun…

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