Summer Holiday Travelogue

6 days in on the family summer holiday camping trip and I feel like Scott on the Antarctica Expedition writing my diary… except I think our lives may not have been entirely parallel in the last week!

In fact our problems have been completely opposite, as it would appear rural France just  doesn’t do ice…in any form!

As intrepid campers in Spain, we usually manage to keep our food and drinks cold with the assistance of a portable electric cold box and a bog standard cool box with plenty of ice blocks and ice cubes. You can buy ice cubes by the sack in any petrol station or supermarket in any town, no matter how small.  However, in France, it is a different story altogether.

Having practiced saying  ”où sont les glaçons “ in my best french accent, I was greeted by a firm “non” and a Gaelic shrug of the shoulders when asked if they could recommend a shop that did sell them.  Finally, convinced that they were just being difficult, my partner tried to buy a G&T with ice in the campsite bar… but still none was  available Really?!

You can’t have a gin & tonic without a slice and ice it would be like having a mojito or Frozen slush puppy without the basic ingredients!

Family Camping in France
Camping in France

Not a cube of ice was to be had in the Dordogne , nor the Loire Valley- incredible!

Now we are on the ferry crossing to the UK  and I am sipping my chilled G&T with a slice and ice.. dreaming of our next port of call where a shower awaits, that hopefully will not switch off after 30 seconds and a comfy bed that I can climb down from, rather than have to do the reverse manoeuvre to get off a squishy air bed which is not easy with arthritic knees.

So the next leg of the great summer expedition awaits. Bring it on!

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