Surviving the Summer Holidays

MyGeckoBox Kids Crafts and ActivitiesLet’s be honest , with the relentless rain we have had for the last few weeks, it’s difficult to imagine we will be wilting with the summer heat in about 4 weeks time! Then , even more amazing, school finishes and we have 11 weeks in which to entertain the kids!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer holidays, lie ins and no deadlines . But 11 weeks!!

I was chatting to one of the geckobox mums today. We decided that we have the first 6 weeks covered with summer camps etc. But the last 5 weeks are going to need some planning. From past experience , by the 3rd week of August, the kids have done the pool and beach to death, and we have no more room for seashells in pots and inflatable pool toys on the porch! And I am desperate for a chilled day at home with the aircon.

So with that in mind, I am planning My holiday survival kit!! A Box of tricks to keep the kids entertained, whilst getting their brains back into gear. Hopefully #MyGeckoBox, first edition will be all that we need

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