Swimming with Dragonflies

In the last few weeks not only have we been busy with the first birthday at MyGeckoBox, it’s been a hectic month celebrating mine and him indoors birthdays, as they fall a day apart. This makes us both Leos and sun worshippers in theory.  However neither of us like laying out in the sun and with the temperatures reaching sky high in Spain, the only time either of us venture out is first thing in the morning or in the evening after dusk.

It was early this morning as I was enjoying a cooling  swim in the pool that I realised something, I am always joined by 2 fiery red dragonflies who like to dance above the water as it ripples when I swim.

dragonflyThey have been visiting me for several years, so I started wondering about these beauties.  Are they the same ones? (unlikely ) so are they the siblings of my original fiery friends.  Also, why are they different  to the dragonflies we saw when we were on our longboat holiday in the Uk?  They were mostly a brilliant  kingfisher blue and not a red one was to be seen.  Is it to do with the climate?  The blue ones are more like the cool northern europeans, whilst the red ones are fiery like their latin countrymen. But then all of a sudden a yellow one made an appearance and war broke out above the water!  He clearly wasn’t welcome!

ButterflyTo add to the swimming pool excitement today, I rescued this beauty of a butterfly after we found him floating in the water, his wings were too wet for him to lift himself out.  Luckily I got him in time and once he had dried his beautiful wings in the sun, he was able to fly off.

So now I have researched dragonflies and their lifespan, relationships and colours, I can report back….

My firery red beauties were not Doris and Dick as I had affectionatly named them, but Dave and Dick!  As with many twists of nature, the males are given all the colours and the females are a more drab brownie orange, so i think that must have been the wife telling Dave or Dick to stop messing about on the water and come home! Luckily for us female humans, that look doesnt have to apply😏.

We have plenty of fun information on dragonflies in our Dragonfly Mini Kit craft box.  They are called libélulas in Spanish and we know all about the Blue Morph butterfly from our Rainforest Discovery Box, where kids can make one themselves and discover their incredible wing span.  So check out our shop for these brilliant gift boxes.

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