Technology vs Creativity … Which is Best?

The truth is both. Like with everything in life, we need to make sure our kids have a fair balance of all .

Most of us will have read about all the bad things that it will do to our children’s minds if we allow them too much screen time. But, we have to remember that some of that screen time can be educational and stimulating.
We can get free apps covering a multitude of educational games , that can be life savers when you need to get on with something yourself. But you have to be careful they don’t click on the free ones that sign you up to a 2nd mortgage accidentally!
There are so many different tv programs that can expose and  teach our kids how to see the outside world and try new things….Nobody ever said , don’t let them watch 7 worlds, one planet with the lovely David Attenborough!
And let’s not forget, CBeebies where my daughter learned how to cook with Katie along with the many other diverse activities of Mr Maker, or the brilliant Mr Tumble who will forever remain close to my heart along with his spotty bag!
So can any craft activity have the same educational opportunities and fun rolled into one ?
According to the online craft company MyGeckoBox, absolutely YES!
Here are 5 really good reasons why they think so …
Every month our subscription boxes have a new theme , fun and  educational . We have covered dinosaurs,  space , rainforest, weather and native cultures to name a few. We have  24 different themes all aimed at fun learning.
All subscribers get automatic membership to the geckobox kids fun club, where they can collect stickers and win prizes  and share their photos of their latest masterpieces.
This month We have been exploring the body and how it works, with really fun crafts which include making  a set of lungs and an X-ray . We are hoping to inspire a few future doctors and nurses in the process.
Discovering ancient civilisations is on the coming up soon list …but’s a secret from the kids as we like to surprise them every month.  Subscribe and they will receive their very own personalised box monthly, delivered in the colourful spotty bag (a nod to Mr Tumble on this ) and receive a fabulous box filled with different crafts to keep them busy.
Our boxes come in different sizes with payment options to subscribe monthly or dip in and out. So depending on your budget the world of GeckoBox discovery is there for your kids to enjoy… you just need to visit the website on and check out the options.

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