The Joy of Travelling with Kids

Whoop whoop, holiday time is coming and I can’t wait.


Living in Spain, we are so lucky to have fabulous weather for infinite summer months. We know when we plan a beach day, it’s going to happen and that is why so many families flock here for their summer holidays.

But before you can relax and enjoy the sun, you have to go through the travel trauma. 

Assuming that you have managed to squeeze all the tablets, ipods, headphones, colouring books and crayons into the bursting at the seams hand luggage, you would think it’s going to be a doddle.


Then you find out the flight is delayed.

Ok, not a problem, you have it covered, you think. But 2 hours later , as you are finally boarding the plane, you look at your phone battery and realise that not only has it dived to 20%, your kids tablet is also dying and you just know they are not going to want to read for the entire journey.

So being the organised parent,  you fish out the colouring books and smiling smugly, hand them over to your fidgeting child, who promptly drops the crayons on the floor which you then watch disappear rapidly under the seat heading toward the back of the plane😂 .

Now we have all been there, attempting to scrabble around everyones feet, trying not to knock your tray with the precious glass of wine that you so desperately want to sip whilst reading your own grown up book… Not a chance!

Inspired by this exact course of events, MyGeckoBox have come up with a solution.

They have created a craft kit that can be slipped into your bag alongside the passports, then produced on the plane to keep the kids occupied for at least part of the journey.

Hopefully they will not go rolling down the aisle threatening to take out the air hostess in her high heels, nor spill drink all over the lap of the sleeping passenger sitting next to you if they are busy creating, and you can get on with the business of relaxing.

They are a life saver in other words!

Want to know more?

Here are some of the cool ideas:
  • Mosaic Spinner.  Sticking those little felt mosaic tiles will take time and concentration, but it will spin like a dream on that tray table afterwards.
  • Hawaiian Flower clip.   A beautiful hair accessory that your little girl will love making and wear with pride in all those holiday photos.
  • Paracord Bracelet.  A fashion statement and brilliant plaiting craft for the older child.

Choose from the full range of Little Explorers boxes, all in our online shop. And if you want an extra craft to do, we offer discounted sibling packs in our bigger boxes.

make your own hair clip craft for kids

If you are already on your travels and need an emergency time filler we know the kids love doing this paper folding games and they can get creative with their own design or simple numbers and questions hidden under the folds.   All you need is a square of plain paper and follow our Pinterest link Origami Fortune Teller Craft Activity. 
Good luck and happy travelling.

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