The Long Summer School Break – enjoy or endure?

It’s the beginning of an 11 week summer school holiday here in Spain and I am as excited as my kids!

It’s exciting to think we can do whatever we like, instead of watching the clock as we dash to football, gymnastics, school meetings and all the other things that fill our term time weeks.

Although ….

11 weeks is a particularly long time, and in order to survive I do have to have a plan.

The first week is all about unwinding and relaxing, its been a long school term.

So I’ve asked them to think about some fun things they would like to be doing this summer, so we have ideas when the inevitable … “Im bored” moments arise.  kids summer to do chartThen they designed some posters and we have pegged them to the tree outside. 

Here were some of their own ideas:
– Create a Shadow Puppet Theatre
– Build an obstacle course in the garden
– Scratch coding games on the computer
– Teddy Bears Picnic
– Fabric painting
– Squishy vs Real Food Challenge
– Finish the LEGO kit he started at Christmas and hasn’t had time to finish!
– Learn to cook a favourite meal

Summer is a great time to set up challenges and we made sure we included a few in their poster. My 10 year old boy wants to learn some new football tricks and both my son and daughter want to learn to cook and follow a few recipes from a great cook book he got for his birthday.

kids summer chartNew experiences are another thing I like to try to introduce over the summer and open their eyes to different ways of doing things. So I searched locally for an activity they love to do but this time taught in English as opposed to the usual Spanish. My son is going to try an English Football camp and my daughter is trying a British gymnastics camp. They are both very active kids so this will be great fun, and I don’t mind driving around for one week!

There are so many things to do though that don’t cost money and we are so lucky with the weather here that a day at the beach, or around the local community pool with their friends is easy enough to arrange.

So whilst it’s obvious the kids are going to have a wonderful summer, my friend threw me a curve ball the other day and asked what I wanted to achieve this summer holiday for myself.

I love the fact I am allowing myself to stop and think about me for a while.

I am a full time mum to two fabulous kids but I also run an online business and volunteer in the school and generally don’t seem to stop, so I was quite excited to be asked what I want to achieve … so after some thought, here are my ideas;

  • Create some family photo books online. Ive taken loads of photos on my phone and I want some hard copies. They take time to create… I’m going to take the time.
  • Exercise regularly. Now I am not normally good at exercise, prioritising anything but, however I made a positive effort in April to join a pilates class thanks to a nudge from a friend and I want to keep it going through the holidays. You never know, I might lose the baby jelly belly Ive been carrying for the past 8 years.
  • Finish my daughters baby scrap book that I started 8 years ago.
  • Laugh with my kids. This is something I want to do more of this summer. We have a lot to smile about, but as my husband works away a lot, I am more often than not the parent that barks orders, referees between the sibling arguments … I want to make time this summer while there are less time pressures for homework and clock watching … to laugh with them.
  • Get in some lazy long afternoons with my mummy friends, this will be an easy one to tick off!

I love the summer break, yes my kids argue and yes they say “mummy” every 2 minutes but it’s a chance to catch up with the fun stuff, be a little less serious, live in the moment and most definitely ENJOY, not endure 😉

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